Still, that doesn’t answer the question does it?  What IS intuition!?

Intuition is what I call your sixth sense.  It’s beyond the ordinary five senses of hearing, smell, taste, touch, and sight.  It’s specifically designed to give you information that is beyond the capacity or your nose to smell, or even of your brain to know or discern on a rational level.  It’s also the sense that leads you to the best of everything.

It creates ease.  Following it adds grace.

​Knowing it, being in tune with it and following its advice leads you to success.  It helps you accomplish your goals.  It’s the sense that makes you decide to drive down that road today for “no apparent reason,” only to discover that the perfect house for you and your family just went on the market today, finally ending your search for a new home.  It’s the sense that urges you to go to a certain party, where you end up meeting the man that becomes your husband.  It’s the sense that tells you from the inside out that this is the company to work for.

On a day-to-day basis it can add joy.  Once I was traveling, and although I was out for stroll I walked right by this store.  On the outside it looked like a linen store.  Now I should tell you that I love linens.  I do.  But from the windows it looked like the kind of store where everything is beige and white.  I should mention also that I love color.  So even though I was game for some shopping, my eyes assessed that this was not my place.  Not wanting to waste my time I moved on.  Then I had this urge to turn around and look again.  I did and still found nothing of interest in the window.  I put my head in the door and saw white and beige.  Still, when I tried to turn away again, I felt that nagging internal sensation telling me that that doing so was not the best choice.  So with a shrug of my shoulders I reverted course and instead walked through the doors and into the store.  About three hundred feet back from the door I discovered what I can only describe as linen color heaven!

I know this kind of example may seem trivial, but it’s not.  You know what it’s like when you discover a favorite thing of yours, or come upon something that creates bubbles and ripples of inspiration and joy inside your body.  Well, that’s what this store did for me.  I still think of it with a happy sigh.  It was on the Champs Elysee in Paris and to this day that experience reminds me of the kind of simple magnetic and amplified joy that can happen when you follow the lead of your own intuition.

She died a few months later, well before I had another trip out there planned.  And fortunately while I was there she was still of sound mind and being.  During that visit I knew that these would be my last moments with my grandmother and I made the most of them.  I still have some super fun memories of entertaining my Gram by dancing around her bedroom with one of my cousins.  Someone had given her a wig that she refused to wear.  “Come on Gram! It looks great!” we teased, both my cousin and I taking turns donning it and giving our own rockstar-ish rendition of what that kind of hair could do for someone, all to the amusement of my grandmother.  Needless to say, she never wore the wig.  But we all got something out of that gift nonetheless. 

I would not have had that experience of fun memory had I pushed aside my intuition.  I would have quite literally, never have seen my grandmother again.

Here’s an experience you’ve likely had.  Your sitting in your living room and a friend of yours comes sharply or even dimly into your mind.  Although nothing in your immediate surroundings is remotely related to this friend, and nothing you are doing specifically in this moment reminds you of this person, you still find yourself very suddenly thinking of them.  You have an impulse to send a text, or pick up the phone, or reach out to that person in some way.  When you follow that impulse you discover that your friend was having a bad day, or a rough moment and your text was just the thing they needed.  Or you find that they were just thinking of you and wanted to connect with you on some issue.  This is intuition at work.

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​The language that every person’s intuition uses is slightly different too.  We all have our own intuitive gifts and intrinsic ways that we use this extra sense.  And they vary vastly from person to person.

I know one woman who has a very specific body posture she uses that helps her access her own higher knowing.

I know another woman who feels a certain vibrational change inside her body when she is about to make a choice that would not suit her.

Intuition is impulse meets knowing.  It’s often non-linear or a non sequitur.  It’s can be fleeting.  If you don’t know what its worth it’s easy to gloss over.  If you do know it’s worth, and follow it unwaveringly, it makes your life feel golden.  It creates ease and grace.  It adds joy (tons of it).  It makes paths roll out smoothly before you.  It leads you to your husband, the best job, or even just a store full of linen eye candy that soothes your artistic eye, adds pep to your step and creates happy inspired sighs for months to come.  Its job is to lead you to your success and to joyful, inspired, satisfying experiences along your life’s journey.

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​​I once had an intuitive impulse to go see my grandmother.  I cleared my schedule, booked my flight, and told my parents that I would be returning for Christmas specifically to see her. “Grandma is fine!” one of my family members said.  “Don’t feel like you need to come home right now just because of that.” 

​ “All the same, I’m coming.” I responded.  I just knew it inside. I needed to go now. .

That trip was the last time I ever saw my grandmother.

It’s specific, your intuition.  It’s made just for you.  Trust me if my husband had been walking by that store his intuition would not have told him to go in! :) 

One thing I’ve learned for sure in my profession as a 
psychic is that every person is different.  I know that sounds obvious, but when you are privy, like I am, to seeing the different dynamics of countless lives, the way that people process information and the vast array of qualities, gifts and skills that each different soul has, you know, it’s no joke.  Everyone is unique.

What Is Intuition?