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​​In addition to the article resources below, I also schedule what I consider "one-off teaching sessions" just for empaths.  This is for empaths who need help NOW but can't necessarily commit at this moment to a six-month study with me (or one is not available).  It's for empaths who want some tools they can start working with STAT to stop constantly picking up everyone else's business!

As opposed to my psychic readings, this is an hour long session entirely devoted to you learning empathic tools.  We'll talk about where you most need help with your empathic abilities right now.  I'll teach you techniques to start addressing those challenges immediately.  You'll learn practices that when put into play, will allow you to start to manage when and where you do pick up information empathically and not get so kicked around by your naturally porous nature.  These tools will help you start to keep your own energetic field clean so that you can hear yourself among what can sometimes be a cacophony of other people's energy.

If you are ready for a more thorough, all-inclusive, and positively life transforming training on managing your empathic ability you can choose from either my Empath Intuition University (offered twice per year), or my Private Intuition University program.  

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In the mean time, here are a few resources and articles that are likely to help you on your journey.

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Resources for Empaths

Sheesh, it can be hard and confusing to be empathic. Especially before you know how to manage and control your gift. Even if you can't take my Empath Intuition University Course, I don't want to leave you in the lurch.

Below you'll find a list of articles and links that can be especially helpful for learning to understand your sensitive empathic nature.  You can never turn it off, because very simply– it's how you are built, but you can learn practices and techniques that will help you be in control of your gift.  This translates into  much less overwhelm and much less being pushed around by and soaking up of everyone else's feelings.  Ultimately, and happily, that also means that you are much more in touch with YOU! (A fabulous place to be!) 

I feel fantastic. I've made some amazing changes in my life lately thanks to the help of Aimée Cartier's Empath Teaching.  I learned a lot about myself energetically and I now have more energy than I've had in ages and I'm exercising every day joyfully. Implementing these practices has allowed me to be completely off all pharmaceuticals.  I'm so grateful for your help and guidance! Thank you!

Allison S., Washington

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You can click the link below to schedule one of those sessions & I'll be in touch shortly to get you in my calendar. 
They are $160 for a one-hour session.
An MP3 recording of our session will also be provided to you by email afterward.

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