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What you what to know, and what I teach is how your intuition can work for you practically speaking.  How you can access, establish a relationship with your innate ways of knowing and receiving information, and how you can allow them to do what they are designed to do— guide you to the best and most rewarding life possible for you.

Intuition leads you to experiences that you might have missed if you were stuck only in your logic mind.  It leads you to short cuts.  It leads you to open roads and opportunities to flourish.  It leads you to knowing and heart ease.  It leads you to perfect answers that you could have never dreamed up.  It leads you to husbands, wives or partners, amazing jobs, fantastic friends, health and well-being, beautiful locations and magical moments.  In short, it leads you to all the best places.

 I teach the practices that will help you access your own intuition on a regular and reliable basis.  Through these techniques you’ll establish a relationship with your own inner knowing.  And through your own experience, you’ll learn about the kind of wonder and magic that trusting and relying upon that insight can bring.  All while you’ll be under the tutelage of a professional psychic guide, to whom you can ask questions at any time!  Not to mention you'll be connected with a group of others committed to their own intuition and ready to celebrate your successes too!

Do you want that?

I want you to have it too! 

I've has been a professional psychic for over 10 years. I developed this program because whether I am doing readings, or giving talks, I noticed that people crave access to and an understanding of their own intuitive knowing.  They feel they are intuitive (and they are) and yet they hold back on trusting this sense of theirs.  Because intuition often doesn't work so outwardly obviously as say– finding the right size screw to put in a hole– people often doubt it.  Or they don't quite get how it works or know if they can or should rely upon it.  And yet this is the sense that can lead you to your success more than any other.  

I created this program to teach others the practices that will allow your intuitive knowing to flourish.  The same ones I use in my own life.  In my Own Your Intuition Program I  teach the formulas and techniques that I use to experience grace, ease and access to inner knowing.

  • To navigate this sometimes tricky world with ease and grace
  • To feel confident in your ability to make decisions that lead you to a satisfying life
  • ​Access to your own Highest Knowing
  • To feel connected to your own inner knowing and understand– through your own experience– that you can rely upon it to guide you to the best places your whole life long
  • ​To feel empowered, supported, and to know that your own Highest Self and your ethereal guides have your back—always, no matter what
  • To gain more skills and specific tools for using your intuition as a powerful and practical internal resource that you will have access to your whole life long
  • To understand and feel strong in your own innate intuitive power  



"This course was excellent! Aimée was supportive, gentle, and fun guide who really knows how to make these concepts accessible.  I love Aimée's straightforward style.  I love that she uses personal examples and easy to understand examples that make you think, 'I don't have to be a psychic or intuitive healer... I can just be myself.'"

Does this sound like you:

Renée, Washington

* What intuition is 

* What intuition looks and feel like when it is working for you
* How to tell the difference between when it is your inner knowing is speaking to you– or just your mind or fear-based thinking brainstorming solutions
* 5 vital practices for keeping your intuition sharp
* How to understand and interpret the way your body is giving you intuitive council and messages– always pointing you toward your own best course of action 
* Intuitive time management skills
* What your soul is pointing toward/what is of most value to it  (You will also be guided to  self-exploration on how to put this value into play in your life.)
* How to work with your benevolent ethereal support team—otherwise known as your Spirit Guides
* Methods and use of prayer and other sacred practices/offerings
* Intuitive Journaling

*Recommendations for teaching children about their intuition
* How to use your intuition to get answers to any of the questions of your life
* Techniques for working with divination tools

You will finish by not only knowing these techniques but by having had your own experiences that show you how they work, what they are good for, and how they can be used to continuously guide your life in the direction that is right for you.  

A class where you will learn tools and techniques for getting and staying connected to your own wisest knowing, with the support of an expert, in the company of other intuitively inclined people.

Each session we will focus on a different practice that will enable you to establish a relationship with your highest knowing.  You will have “homework” to practice during the interim between our classes.  During each class (which take place via conference call) we will spend time not only learning new techniques but also sharing our experiences of putting these tools into play.

There is a specific curriculum for this program.  

It’s not just about learning though. 

Yes! I'm in!

I am ready to own my intuition!

What are my next steps?

​​​What you will need to do?

  • Be on our calls.We start on time... All calls are recorded, so for those rare instances when a schedule conflict arises, you can listen to our class on your own.  A copy of the evening's class comes to your Inbox directly following class.
  • Learn:via phone calls, class documents, homework, and listening/sharing.
  • Have access to the book  Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life
  • Notice/practice:Your own practice and experience is what will help you understand and dial your own intuition.  Like anything, the more you practice your tools the better you get! And before too long these intuitive practices will become second nature for you.  
  • Document and celebrate victories: (via phone and the smart phone messaging app "What's App").
  • Articulate: by sharing your experiences with your fellow students during our phone calls and your partner/triad calls.  This not only helps you lock in your own experiences but of course also benefits the group as we learn from each other. ​​​​


June, Washington

It’s time to move from feeling full of doubt and having a lack of understanding of your own innate power and wisdom to feeling confident and connected to your own internal power and wisest council.  By acquiring the tools you need to Own Your Intuition– you will have the skills you need to shape your life into one that is full meaningful experiences, deeply satisfying, and perfect for YOU! 

It’s time to Own Your Intuition!

Amy B., Washington

Program Tuition

To speak frankly– it sucks to constantly doubt yourself or to feel that there is something inside of you that could easily guide you if only you knew the steps to activate it.  It is terrible to feel a lack of understanding of your own power—or worse and understanding that it is there, but an lack of knowledge of the tools and techniques that will enable you to draw on it, uncover it and heighten your access to your own innate wisdom.  I get it.  And I agree: You ought to have access to your own Highest Wisdom.  You ought to know how to use your own innate intuition to guide your life into the perfect direction for YOU.  You deserve to know how to find your way to a life that is deeply satisfying—all using your own power and wisdom.  With a honed intuition, you can.

Here are just a few things that my students have used their honed intuition for:

* Discovering life dreams and passions
* Navigating and solving parenting challenges (i.e. caring for their children in the best way possible)
* Discerning and moving through personal health crisis, like cancer diagnosis and treatments
* Enhancing family relationships (even the tricky ones!)
* Easing difficult situations at work
* Increasing their income
* Gracefully navigating divorce

* Finding love
* Gracefully navigating a move across the country and job transition
* Finding a new and more satisfying career
* Discovering and acting on their own joy thereby increasing their life satisfaction

Aimée approaches intuition practically.  “You are one of the most grounded and practical people I know,” is a comment I frequently hear from my students, clients, and friends.  That being said, we will not be spending any time on breaking our intuitive knowing down into categories like the “psychic clairs:” clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or claircognizance, because that’s not how intuition feels when it’s working.  When intuitive insight arises it doesn’t come with a blinking red light that says, “This is clairvoyance.”  In fact the name for whatever precise psychic skill you might be using at the time doesn’t even matter.  What matters is the knowing or awareness you receive.  What matters is how using it can guide your life positively.  Spending a lot of time looking for or wondering what precise psychic traits you are using makes you likely to miss the insights.  I think of this as trying too hard to find 

Own Your Intuition Monetary Value: $5900

Own Your Intuition Tuition: $2750

Tuition can be paid in one lump sum prior to the start of our class, or be broken out into 7 monthly payments of $395.  Monthly payments are due on or before the 10th of each month.  Your first payment reserves your place in the class.  

To accommodate a variety of lifestyles and incomes I offer alimited number of partial scholarships based on need and income level.  If you need this program and it is cost prohibitive  you may apply for a partial scholarship.  In addition to your class application, please fill out and send in your scholarship application prior to our exploratory call appointment.

I'm excited to get started with you!  



Join Aimée in this 7 month program where you will learn (and get to practice) the skills that will allow you to have confidence in your own innate intuitive power, while  under the mentorship of a psychic guide and intuition expert.

1. Fill out your application and email it back to Aimée
2. Set up your FREE *15 minute exploratory call with Aimée 

3.  Make your first payment/download your Introductory Packet

*During our call we will go over the details of your application and this will be a chance for you to ask Aimée any questions you have about the program.     

The goal of my Own Your Intuition program  is for you to get ALL the skills you need to use this vital resource you have: your own intuition.  More than any other sense you have, your intuition is designed to lead you to your own flourishing.  That's what I want for you!

14 Live two-hour teaching calls

14 MP3 recordings with the lessons and learning dialogue from each call

Guided audio recordings of core practices

1Private sessions with Aimée (12th class) 

Exclusive Intuition University training documents

​Anytime access via smart phone on WhatsApp 

Course Structure and Specifics

What you will learn

It’s really about practicing, having your own experiences with these tools, and then articulating what you have experienced.  Articulation is another way to get information and learning into your body. When you take the time to really notice what you experienced and then share it with others, you lock the learning in on a deeper level—you give it the attention that it needs to thrive and become second nature for you.  When you listen to others share their own experience, more understanding dawns for you. In addition to our class time you will be paired with a partner or triad where you will spend time (between classes) sharing what you have learned and implemented about the practices you are learning.

something that is innate and already working for you.  That’s why I don’t teach accessing your psychic knowing in that way.  This is not that kind of program.  It’s a program in which you will get practical tools for using and understanding your intuition so that it can guide you to YOUR specific best life.

  • Even though I do have intuitive impulses I have a hard time trusting them.

  • I frequently doubt my decision-making—especially when I am moving toward something that I know intuitively for which I may not have any outside proof.

  • I don’t really know what skills would help me make my intuition a reliable source of power and wisdom for myself.  But I would like to!

  • I feel as though I have an innate power and intuitive skill set that I don’t quite understand.  I want to know how to access it.  I’d like experience that shows me I can trust it and how to use it.

  • Sometimes I feel like I’m not really sure of my self, who I am, or where I am going but I’d like to access my own innate internal knowing in order to help me align with my best life– both now, and down the road.

  • I’d like to do all this with the support of an expert and in the company of others who are likewise interested in owning their own intuition.

What else you should know about this course

I put a lot into my programs.  I am committed to serving others so that they can access their own innate knowing.  I also don't take every student that happens along.  That's why there is an application process and a free phone call first; I want to make sure that my program can REALLY serve you.  

I only take students who are really committed to amplifying their own inner knowing, understand the ginormous benefits of doing so, and who can comfortably commit financially to my program.  I endeavor to create programs that are a win win for all. :) 

I also ask that you trust your own gut.  If you feel like this is your program, we see that it can serve you, and you are excited to work with me that's wonderful– let's go!

If for some reason you need to pull out of the program you can notify Aimée at the beginning of the month (prior to that month's first class).  Tuition for the remaining months will not be charged, (or will be refunded if you have paid in full).  However tuition for the months where you have attended class will not be refunded.  If you decide to take the class at a later date, you will be charged regular full tuition for doing so, no matter where you were in the program when you stepped out.

"Just this week my intuition led me to an unconventional action that had a positive impact for me at work.  It not only saved the company from losing a large amount of money, it also garnered a happy new client!  The thing is it’s the tools that you taught me, and the experience I’ve gained as a result of your courses that allow me to deeply trust myself and my intuition.  It’s actually helped me in EVERY AREA of my life —from parenting my teenage daughter, to moving through a personal health crisis, to ALL my relationships, and my day-to-day life.  I could give you so many examples! Thank you!”

"In this program I got to know the person within myself who I really love and appreciate. Throughout my life I had only gotten to know brief bits and pieces of her.  I now know and trust that she is there for me.  She knows what it in my best interest and she knows how to work with my guides in order to serve my Highest Good. Because of my connection to my Highest Self I have learned that good will come and that no matter the outcome of a situation, if I am listening to my intuition I am moving in the right direction for me."

Do you want:

How the course works

This class is currently offered once per year.  The next class starts October 18th, 2021 and goes through May 2nd, 2022.

We meet for seven months, every other Monday  evening via conference call.

6:30-8:30 PM PST

*Psychic Guide *Author

*Intuition & empath teacher 

psychic readings  +  Private & group intuition  & empath classes for experiencing your best life