"I was a little unsure at first about getting a reading over the phone, but you were realy on target. Everything about the reading was really right on. Thank you so much- this was a big help! You are obviously very gifted." -JM, Colorado


"Thank you for the reading today.  It's quite amazing how my life doesn't feel quite as burdensome as it did yesterday.  I walked away from the reading with a sense of peace and contentment that has been missing for quite some time- and it reminded me that the universe is looking out for me.”  -JM, Colorado



“Thank you so much for the reading, it was tremendously helpful.  You affirmed many of the intuitions that I already had and then also gave me some surprising insights that were really useful.”  -HW, New York


“Thank you for your reading a few months back.  Your insights were so helpful later when unexpected things came up.  I was much more ready to deal with them because of what you had said in the session.” -DW, New York


"You have such a unique way of turning everyday woes and discouragements into blissful enactments of spirit.  You always set me straight by telling me exactly like it is and sharing different techniques and practices that I can use to help myself move through the less than lovely moments.  Thank you!” -DE, Colorado


 “Your readings have helped unblock me in areas and freed up energy for me to start getting things accomplished."  -DE, Colorado


"You always see right through the mind chatter. Readings with you always help me to keep myself in check, and not let the mind chatter and self-doubt take over.  Your tools for dealing with this have been incredibly valuable.”  -JM, Colorado 



“Thank you for the reading.  Your insights were so accurate and filled with love and integrity.  I trust the information that comes through you- you are obviously a clear and authentic channel for Spirit.”  -KN, Washington


"You have such a wonderful ability to connect me with a higher and clearer version of myself- just bringing light to it encourages me to be that higher me.  I leave feeling at peace with who I am."  - MK, Oregon


"You have a way of hearing truth beyond personal drama. With precise words, you reflect back what I know in my gut and heart to be rightful and clear. I walk away from our readings joyful and relieved to be in tune again with my essential nature." -DB, Vermont 

Aimée's Clients

  • understand the value of intuitive (or psychic) guidance


  • aspire to a life of authenticity and joy

  • are interested in taking their very best steps in life 

  • would like to move toward or are already aligned with their own highest good

  • need or desire clarity on certain issues

  • are willing to change if it is in their own highest interest

  • are open to growing (and receiving guidance from) their own intuition

  • are committed to the highest and the best for themselves

  • value their own highest knowing

  • feel that outside guidance would benefit them at this time

  • crave tools that will help them live a more inspired life

What people are saying

"I have benefitted immensely from working with Aimée. Each time we meet, all my questions get answered and I leave with the confidence to move forward.  Her answers to my questions are clear, relevant and always make so much sense.  I now consider Aimée my go-to resource whenever I am unsure about a next step or the best way to move forward in my life."
- Barrie R, Montreal

"You are so accurate! I've gotten readings from others before too– and while some of them have been accurate– other readers often tend to skip over the practical aspects. If I want to know what is likely to happen both you and another reader I know are good at seeing that.  But if I want to know what is the best thing to do right now in order to get the outcomes I want, I know that your reading will have that focus.  Mission accomplished. :)"

-Mary S., Minnesota

"I felt much greater clarity during and after my phone session with Aimée regarding the things in my life about which I was feeling doubt and uncertainty before our talk.  Her advice and suggestions were spot-on. It felt like a weight had been lifted and I knew just how to move forward in ways that felt authentic and exactly right for me.  Her warmth and reassurance were also tremendously comforting.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a greater sense of the next steps to take in their life."

- Emily H., Washington

"I had my first reading with Aimée over a week ago and haven't stopped thinking about it since.  The things Aimée said resonated with me on a very deep level. Immediately I could tell she knew who I was and what I was going through.  She confirmed and revealed things I knew to be true somewhere deep down but hadn't acknowledged on a conscious level yet. She was a guide that appeared at just the right time to help me understand, process, heal and move forward.  When you speak with her, you can feel her connection to something very powerful.  I look forward to our next session."

-Ali H, New York

"A session with Aimée is like a sweet conversation directly with your higher power. It helps me make sense of what I'm working with, name big movements I'm in, and gives me the practical advice for making the shifts I'm already trying to make. I find myself saying, "YES" so many times during the sessions and feeling a deep sense of relief and clarity. I also experience a few WOAs each time and all the power that comes with that. I always feel understood and so safe with Aimée, I totally, fully recommend her to anyone!"
-TL, California

"What a stunningly insightful experience it was to work with you.  The illuminations revealed are powerful and strengthening! Thank you."
-BF, Washington

"I received a reading on by birthday and I found it was the best gift I could have given myself.  Aimée was able to zero right in on a decade old problem and help me find a way out. Her reading was so comprehensive, that I feel I don't need to revisit the issue again, and I am so grateful."
-DG, Washington

"Everything is so much clearer now after my reading with you.  The information and insight I gained is so useful. What a lovely gift you have.  That was amazing.  Thanks again!"
-BT, Washington

"My session with Aimée was like a meeting and reconnection with my higher self. Her keen intuition is clearly connected to higher existence. She is purely gifted and skilled! In her presence you will feel trust and an open heart. I experienced such a high vibration of energy during our whole session– it was magnificent!"

- Terumi K, Sayulita

"I've seen a lot of people who call themselves psychic and I'm often so put off by their energy– they are so 'airy fairy.' But you are so grounded and practical!"

​-Jennifer H., Washington

"After a reading from you I always feel much more prepared to take the next steps toward whatever my vision happens to be at that particular time in my life."
-DW, New York

"You have such an easy manner, but you are totally the 'real thing!'"
-HW, California

"I've been having sessions with you for seven years now.  Your readings are profoundly accurate and insightful.  The guidance you offer is direct, clear, and compassionate.  Having a session with you supports growth, change, and transformation.  I love recommending you to my family and friends.  I highly recommend a scheduling a reading with Aimée."
-AS, Washington

​"Thank you soooo much! I love you! I love you! I love you!" 
-MK, Washington

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