​​​​Aimée is a psychic guide, intuition and empath teacher who specializes in helping her clients and students align with their own highest good and discover their best steps in life.  She is known for her clear and accurate insight and her compassionate and practical guidance.  Her clients and students most often report feeling uplifted, empowered, or just “better” after a session with her.

She is the author of the books Getting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover your Best Life and the ebook From Heartbreak to Wholeness: 12 Steps to Healing from Break-Up. She also writes essays, articles, and a blog. She is the host of the Own Your Intuition Podcast.  Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.




Throughout all of my work, be it writing, doing psychic readings, teaching others how to develop their own intuition or to manage their sometimes overwhelming empathic abilities I specialize in helping others find and live what is authentic and joyful for them.  I help them use the sense (their intuitive sense) that is designed to guide them to a flourishing and thriving life. 

Thank you for stopping in on this journey with me and I hope to wink at you from the road again soon.  

That’s me in a nutshell.  

When people see my life they often call it authentic.  And it’s true.  They also refer to me as personable, and, if I’m lucky, funny.

As always, I also continue to veer in the direction of what inspires me.  I’ve lived and traveled around the world.  I did a year of college at Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, France and I’ve spent time in more than a dozen other countries. 

I continue to travel and plan extended periods abroad with my family.

I live it, breathe it, scrunch my eyebrows about it, and of course write about it.  I also have the good fortune of being a wife to my favorite man in the world. But it’s the being a mother part that is forcing me to develop a whole new skill set.  And I’m not just talking about cooking and caring for our household, because that isn’t exactly my forte either.  I’m talking about how to live happily while doing so.  Amidst the cries and the needs and the constant but necessary daily tasks.  And I’m telling you, even with a lifetime of tools under my belt and a highly developed intuition, how to stay happy and flourish while doing this isn’t always obvious.  So I’m developing new tools.  I’m evolving in my stint as a human just like the rest of us.  And thank goodness!

It's funny how your life completely changes when you become a mother. I never thought I would enter that into my bio, but in all honesty with two small children at home, much of my days are defined by that role. 

Two books, many articles, and a blog or two later I’m still enjoying that discovery.  Now I write about intuition, empathic abilities, and practices for inspired intuitive living because it interests me and we all need it.  I also write about my family from time to time because let’s face it—your kids take up a lot of your brain space.  :)

It was during my first job as an official writer (for the SYDA Foundation) I thought, “I can’t believe I get to play with and think about words all day long, this is the BEST!” It was my absolute joy and the feedback I got about my writing during that period that led me to discover, this was not only one of my loves, but also a skill I could use beyond writing letters to my friends from abroad.


I teach and give talks on intuition, empathic ability and inspired living.  I helped produce a documentary film called BIG JOY: The Adventures of James Broughton about a gifted poet, filmmaker, and joy devotee.  I do stand-up comedy occasionally.  I love doing crafts.  I knit and sew simple things. I create with paint, markers, and other colorful writing utensils.  I try my hand at gardening (flowers especially).  And I conceive of (and execute when possible) grand creative ideas particularly for my home or as gifts for others.  I do much of this where I currently reside in what I think of as a little piece of paradise in the form of a rural island in the Puget Sound.

psychic readings  +   intuition  & empath classes

for experiencing your best life  

*Psychic Guide *Author

*Intuition & empath teacher 

Before I started doing psychic readings professionally, my interests and talents led me to years of study in spiritual practices and healing arts.  I learned how to meditate and chant.  I learned different modalities for healing myself and others.  I learned how to notice and follow my own intuition unwaveringly.  And I learned how to live in my body as an ethereal yet grounded person.  I used to call myself a “tool monger.”  I devoured, practiced, and created countless techniques for helping myself live an optimal, inspired, and happy life.  I still do.  I veer always toward joy—it’s where I like to be.  And, it’s what I feel is actually our most potent natural state.  My natural ability as a seer coupled with my instincts to empower others led me to my life as a professional psychic and intuition teacher.

People often wonder about this journey.  For me, the short version, with select highlights looks like this:

It took me into my adult years to both discover and understand

my abilities.  I spent several years really “clearing the docks”

as I put it.  I lived in an ashram for a year where I meditated

and chanted daily.  Around that time period I also discovered I

was empathic—meaning that I actually feel other people’s

emotions in my own body.  It had been happening my whole

life, but up until that point I hadn’t understood it for what it was. 

Following that, I spent a year virtually alone (I mean I occasionally

showed up at potlucks :)), but the majority of my time was spent

by myself—I rarely even answered the phone.  At the time, I wasn’t

truly aware of what I was doing —I was just following my instincts completely: I needed to be alone.  In hindsight I can see that this was the year I spent dislodging old patterns and other people’s business from my body.  By the end of that time period I knew who and what Aimée was, and I also knew how to create psychic boundaries so that I wasn’t moving around as a walking radio receptor for everyone else’s business.

During those years Sonia Choquette’s book The Psychic Pathway also came to me.  It was reading the introduction that actually changed my life.  When I did so I thought, “This woman sees the world how I do!” Pause, look at the cover.  “She’s a psychic.”  She’s world renowned, as a matter of fact.  In a sense, it was how I discovered what I was.  A year or so later it was an interaction with her that made me go professional.    “I don’t know why you aren’t doing readings,” she said to me that day on the phone.  I guess it was just the sort of kick in the pants I needed to put myself out there more boldly, as opposed to just dishing advice to my friends.  That was 10 years ago. 

I’ve always been drawn to a life of service.  My first jobs out of college (at St. Olaf) were “working for the trees,” as I liked to call it.  I ran campaigns and worked for organizations like the Sierra Club and Global Greengrants Fund. I spent a couple of years in West Africa, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, using my skills as a fluent French speaker and mixing my love of travel with my desire to add positively.  Then I discovered my love of writing.  Well that’s not true, I’ve always loved writing.  But then I discovered the joy of doing it as a profession.