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Praise for Getting Answers:

"Getting Answers is practical, illuminating, well written, and easy to read. It offers many useful steps to take to live a more spiritually fulfilled and authentic life. Aimée is the real deal and knows her subject inside out."

- Ainslie MacLoud, Psychic

"I carry this book around in my purse with me! I'm forever pulling it out and referring my friends to it!  Thank you so much!" – Anonymous

​"This is a book about living an awakened life.  For whole stretches of our lives we can live feeling as if life is thrust upon us- the good and the bad, the wanted and the unwanted.  Then, at some stage, we awaken. Some of us awaken with a hope, a wish for a life that is greater, sweeter, more fulfilling.  Some of us awaken into a crisis where we are forced to let go of something, or hold onto something, we never imagined we could.  If you relate to this, if you're longing for a life that is freer or more in tune with your deepest Truth, if you're at some kind of a crossroads, this book is for you." – David H. Wagner, Meditation Teacher and Author

"Bravo! This book gives easy step by step instruction on how to help yourself find the right answers for all of those life questions. I feel empowered!" - Debi Elliot, Interactive Brain Institute Founder

​"This book lays out a common-sense, orderly way to create a powerful, magical life! Aimée explains the ways to make our dreams come true, just by asking for what we want. The secret of aligning our desires with a greater good allows the Universe to lay answers at our feet with grace. The path is laid out clearly, peppered with anecdotal explanations of how it actually works in one's life. This is a book to re-read often, as your intuitive skills become more honed and integrated. Highly recommended!" – Mela Bredouw​​​

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We all have questions.  "How can I make more money?  How can I find a job that I love with health benefits?  What do I do about this relationship?"  Such questions, Aimée hears from her clients all of the time.  These are the real and practical questions that if answered, will change your life for the better, provide you the experiences you desire and generally increase your satisfaction in life.

In Getting Answers, intuitive Aimée Cartier gives you four simple steps that will help you answer the questions of your life, whether you are wondering what to do about your career, love life, family, or just what steps you can take to make your life more fulfilling—starting now!

Light-hearted and conversational in tone, Getting Answers depicts what seers have known for ages, that anyone anywhere can tune into Source and get the answers to their most pressing questions; and that not only is the process easy, it is also joyous and fun.Let yourself be guided by your own intuition to your best life.

From Getting Answers:

"I want to under score that anything and everything can be used to carry a message to you. Take this in for a moment. Look around the room that you are sitting in right now. As you do so, I want you to remember that Great Spirit is not limited in any way, shape, or form. This means that every single thing—be it an inanimate object or a living breathing animal or a circumstance that you experience—is capable of communicating great things to you. This doesn't mean that every single one of these things does. In most cases, that coffee mug sitting next to you is really just going to go on holding your drink! It doesn't have a secret message for you. It's not being used to give you any answers. But because Great Spirit is not limited by anything—the coffee mug could give you a message."
​-Aimée Cartier

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You don't have to experience break-ups forever. But since you are right now, make the most of it and use this book and these steps to heal yourself completely. Although specifically devised for healing relationship ending, the techniques in this book offer guidelines you can apply to your life any time. These are in their essence, balancing triggers. Doing each step, as you are guided by your own Spirit will continually bring you to wholeness.

So sit back with a friend as Aimée leads you down the path to healing the wounds of heartbreak- with ease. Whether you are just ending a relationship, feel like you never really got over one from your past, or fear that you will never find love again-- this is the book for you. Its personal stories and practical advice relate what Aimée has learned through years of healing and intuitive work, and the hard won lessons of her own break-ups. You will discover that you are not alone in your pain and that YOU have the capacity to heal yourself.