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Learning to Manage Your Gift So It Feels like a Gift

Still not sure if you are an Empath?

I have an article for you. I didn't write it, but it's the most comprehensive article I've seen on the internet about this ability.  It's called "30 traits of an Empath (How to know if you're an Empath)".

Like Jen above, many empathic people have never  heard the term. Take a look at this article and let me know.  If it sounds like you– you'll know.  

If so,  keep reading.  I've got just the thing for you here.  


Aimée is a gifted teacher. Her Empath Intuition University is THE BOMB! After taking it I find I am more resilient. I am more in tune with my own experience. I am clear about what energy is mine and what is not. I have more positve, more effective interactions with people in my life, especially those with which I often have strained interactions.

I have learned specific tools that help me manage the way I interact with others. I no longer feel depleted by social interactions.  I know how to set my boundaries so that I can be in relationship with people in a healthy way. I highly recommend this class to those who feel "socially spent."

Tami, Washington

When Aimée told me in a reading I was an empath I had no idea what that meant.  I had never heard that word and had no reference for what she was talking about.  She spoke about how I can feel others emotions and how sometimes they gets confused with my own.  How my internal dialog can be so frustrating and confusing because other people's energy was mingling around with mine all the time which makes it extremely difficult to discern my own thoughts, feelings, and intuition. The tears flowed and my jaw dropped because at my core I understood exactly what she meant even though I never even knew that was a thing that could happen!  It was as if she handed me the key to unlock this huge mystery about myself that I did not even know existed. 

But Aimée was so clear and sure about what I needed to do to take care of myself that I had no problem starting. By repeating the words she gifted me I could feel her tools start working the first time I tried.  As the days and weeks went on and I continued her practices I could feel the power of what I had been given.  I am beginning to get to know myself in a deeper, more real, and more intentional way.  I have a long way to go but I am so grateful to be getting started!

Jen, Washington

​What is an ​Empath or Empathic?

 A person who senses or feels the emotions of others by experiencing them in their own body.  They don't just know what another person is feeling, they can feel the sensations inside their own skin.

Does this sound like you?

  • I am HIGHLY receptive to the emotions and feelings of those around me.  I'm not just aware of what they are feeling, I can sense it in my own body.

  • I often feel jerked around by everyone else's emotional state.  I have a hard time creating boundaries so that I don't feel what they are feeling.  I honestly don't know how to do this.

  • Even if I was feeling fine, if someone who is not feeling good enters the room I will suddenly feel off kilter.  

  • It is hard for me to keep a clear head when other people are experiencing intense emotion around me.

  • If my partner (or children) are stressed I feel the stress in my own body, like it is happening to me.

  • I have a hard time figuring out what I really want when others are around.  I'm often clear when I am alone, but if there are people around me my own needs get fuzzy.

  •  Sometimes amidst a large group of people (or within my own family) I have the feeling that "I can't hear myself think."

  • I feel extremely depleted after being in large crowds of people.

Do you want to know how to...

Create clear energetic boundaries so that you aren't always picking up everyone else's business.

Tell the difference between thoughts or feelings that came from you and those that derive from elsewhere.

Learn techniques for turning this gift on and off so you aren't subject to everyone else's experiences all the time and/or you don't have to hide.

Learn how to retain access to your own knowing, even amidst others.

Happily deal with the high level of emotions that flow through you.

Understand some of the benefits of being built this way.

Learn what this gift is good for and ways to use it to add to your life and others

Course Specifics:

Each session we will focus on a different aspect/topic/tool for managing your empathic abilities.  You will have “homework” to practice during the interim between our sessions.  During our phone sessions we will spend time not only learning new techniques but also sharing our experiences of putting these tools into play.

There is a specific curriculum for this program. 

It’s not just about learning though.  It’s really about practicing and

then articulating what you have experienced.  Articulation is another

way to get information and learning into your body.  When you take

the time to really notice what you experienced and then share it with

others, you lock the learning in on a deeper level—you give it the

attention that it needs to thrive and become second nature for you. 

When you listen to others who have similar gifts share their own

experience, more understanding dawns for you. 

​We meet for 4 months, every Wednesday evening via phone.  
Next Class Starts September 2017 
Long enough for you to really practice and make positive 

changes in your being, so that these skills become second

nature and can last and support you your whole life long.

We meet 14 times every Wednesday

evening from 6:30-8:30PM PST.

We celebrate our victories and accomplishments together

regularly via a smart phone app called "What's Ap."


  • 14 MP3 recordings with the lessons and learning dialogue from each call.
  • (Approximately 14) Articles, practices, and homework for our phone sessions (These can continue to guide and remind you long after we are finished.)
  • Friends that you are likely to make through connecting with other empathically gifted people!


  • Connection with other graduates via a private Facebook Empath Intuition University Graduates page
  • For those in the Seattle/Vashon area or visiting, an open invitation to an ongoing monthly coffee get together with other local Empath Intuition University graduates
  • An open invitation to jump on any of our future Empath Intuition University calls, should you feel you would benefit from a reminder of the techniques, or want to reinvigorate your practices again.

What you will need to do to dial your own skills?

  • Be on our calls.(We start on time.)
  • Learn:via phone calls, homework, and listening/sharing.
  • Notice/practice:Your own practice and experience is what will help you dial your gift more than any information.  Like anything, the more you practice the better you get! And before too long what once took effort to think about becomes second nature for you.  (That's where the life long improvement comes in! Trust me, it's amazing!)
  • Document and celebrate victories: (via phone and the smart phone messaging app "What's App").
  • Articulate: by sharing your experiences with your fellow students during our phone calls.  This not only helps you lock in your own experiences but of course also benefits the group as we learn from each other.

I'm excited to get started with you!



​​I'm built like this too! Years ago, when I discovered it, I spent quite a while learning how to live healthily with this skill.  I learned how to create clear boundaries so that I wasn't walking around picking up and getting constantly overloaded with other people's feelings and emotions. I learned how to discern between what was mine, and what was someone else's ideas or feelings. I learned to deal in a healthy and happy way with the high intensity of emotion that can flow through you when you are naturally attuned to the "emotional radio stations!" And perhaps most importantly, I learned how to hear myself and my own council even amidst the feelings and ideas of others. 

​​This program is designed to give you the tools and experience that

you need in order for your empathic ability not to feel like a burden. 

By the end of it you will have the structures and tools put into place

for yourself so that you can move about your life seamlessly, even as

someone who has a highly sensitive radar to what others are

experiencing.  By the end of our time together managing your highly

sensitive being will feel as natural as the things that you already do to

manage your human body, eat, drink, brush your teeth, etc!  That’s when the real fun begins!  Once you can easily manage your gift, that’s when you can really start to expand it and experience the benefits that it can bring to your life and those around you.

Being an empathic has a brilliance all it’s own.  It’s a lovely and purposeful gift that can bring joy to you and others.  You’ll learn about this too!  And you will get to experience its benefits without having it drain you!

I teach you how to do this too.  

In fact that is what Empath Intuition University is all about.

It's about you learning to use, manage, and live happily with this gift, instead of letting it be in control of you.
It has many benefits to offer, but in order to access them, you must first you must know how to manage your skill.  

Living as an empathic person can feel grueling at times.  It can be confusing, it can be intense, it can be crazy making! Having other people's business run through your own system can be taxing. If you are not in command of your gift you can be a sponge for everyone else's stresses as well as your own.  To put it mildly, that's no fun!  It's also ineffective.  You can't process other people's emotions for them, no matter how well intentioned you are. What you need to know is how you can differentiate so that you can a. feel and process your own and b. maintain internal clarity by keeping your energetic space clear of other people's business.  It doesn't mean you are out of touch with what other people feel, it means that regardless of other people's current emotional states, you still have the space to have your own.

As an empath, you are likely also to require more time and space to emote than other people because you feel things so intensely.  It's okay.  Really.  I'm here to teach you how to live with this gift so that it feels like that, a gift and a skill that you can use to enhance your life whatever it is that you do. It's more than possible!  I'm living proof.  You just need to learn how.

When you know how to live with it, it makes for luxuriously clean living. You learn to recognize, understand and process things immediately so you don't have to hold on to them.  You learn how to discern between situations in which you can use your gift to help and situations that will drain you if you try.  You learn how to move through life feeling all that this lovely human life has to offer in ways that feel supportive of yourself, others, and your optimal lifestyle.   You still feel deeply, but not in a way that is burdensome to you.  

I know empaths who are lawyers, entrepreneurs/business owners, body workers, writers, actors, moms, meditation teachers, and of course I'm a psychic.  Whatever it is that you do, your empathic gift can and will add benefit to your life once you know how to use it.

​I developed this program becausein my talks, readings, and students I started to see a high number of Empaths coming forward with little or no skills on how to use and manage their gift.  When you don't know how to manage it, it can feel like a burden. A weight to carry. Or like you need to hide away in order to get by in life.

It doesn't have to be or feel that way.

Once you know how to protect your energy, how to differentiate, how to care for your highly sensitive being, (all of which feel enjoyable and satisfying to do), there are all sorts of ways that this can benefit your life (and others' lives), whatever it is that you do.

Now let's help you get it dialed in so that you can use it.

How the course works: