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Learning to Manage Your Gift So It Feels like a Gift

Aimée is a gifted teacher. Her Empath Intuition University is THE BOMB! After taking it I find I am more resilient. I am more in tune with my own experience. I am clear about what energy is mine and what is not. I have more positve, more effective interactions with people in my life, especially those with which I often have strained interactions.

I have learned specific tools that help me manage the way I interact with others. I no longer feel depleted by social interactions.  I know how to set my boundaries so that I can be in relationship with people in a healthy way. I highly recommend this class to those who feel "socially spent."

Course Specifics:

This program is offered twice per year in a fall four-month program​ which meets every week and in a beginning of the calendar year seven-month program which meets every other week. 

​We meet via conference call from 6:30-8:30 PST.  


Whether you are in the 7 month or 4 month class, it is long

enough for you to really practice and make positive 

changes in your being, so that these skills become second

nature and can last and support you your whole life long.

 “When I first began working with Aimée I felt exhausted, stressed, and confused with life. I felt I needed to help fix people all the time. Aimée provided the support and guidance I needed to understand my true inner voice. I now have the ability to know how I feel, and not feel constantly burdened by the emotions of those around me. Even more, doing the practices that Aimée teaches put my anxiety completely in check. I am now able to be in the present moment with clarity, energy, and light. I now see being an empath as a gift, rather than a burden."

a sponge for everyone else's stresses as well as your own.  To put it mildly, that's no fun!  It's also ineffective.  You can't process other people's emotions for them, no matter how well intentioned you are. What you need to know is how you can differentiate what belongs to you and what belongs to others – so that you can A. feel and process your own and B. maintain your internal clarity and connection to your own highest wisdom. 

​​​And it’s so not cool to feel like you have to hide away just to survive.  Especially when you don’t want to just survive– you want to thrive!  

Don’t worry—I promise you it is possible to flourish while being empathic and you do not to have to hide in your house to do so!  I’m living proof and so are many of my Empath Intuition University graduates (even ones that previously thought they needed to hide!)

Years ago,
when I discovered I was empathic, I spent quite a while learning how to live healthily with my naturally porous empathic nature.  I learned how to create clear boundaries so that I wasn't walking around picking up and getting constantly overloaded with other people's feelings and emotions. I learned how to discern between what was mine, and what was someone else's ideas or feelings. I learned to deal in a healthy and happy way with the high intensity of emotion that can flow through you when you are naturally attuned to all the "emotional radio stations!" And perhaps most importantly, I learned how to hear myself and my own council even amidst the feelings and ideas of others. 

 I teach you how to do this too.  

In fact that is what Empath Intuition University is all about.

You see I believe that empaths have a special service to offer this world– it’s actually one that comes effortlessly to us when we are in a whole and balanced place and it benefits many.  I also believe that the world needs this gift right now more than ever.  But when you don’t know how to manage your ability, when it ends up constantly overwhelming you and bringing you down instead of allowing you to be the agent of goodness and shine that you can be, well, to put it mildly, that’s not good! So I’m committed to teaching as many empaths as possible. 

I want you to learn how to manage, use, feel empowered by, and live happily with your empathic gift– instead of feeling burdened by it. I want you to sparkle in your own perfect way– the world needs your shine.

"When you said it was going to be easy I was like, "Yeah right!" Then I started doing the practices you taught me and I realized you were SO right!

Working with you has been so life changing. I have learned so much about myself and how to live a sustainable life while being deeply empathic. Where I used to hold other's energy in my body causing physical pain and illness, I can now walk through this world with confidence that I can clear and assimilate what I choose to, on my own terms. I am no longer a victim to my empathic nature and I realize that this life does not need to be extra challenging because of this gift.

Good Karma Guarantee:

Britt, Colorado

The value of this program is priceless. No joke. Every one of my students would agree.  To use the words of one of my students, "This is life changing stuff!"  The practices change your life for the better and when practiced will benefit you your whole life long! For real!

The monetary value of the program is: $5900.

The cost is: between $2600- $700.

To accommodate the variety of lifestyles and incomes I offer a sliding scale.  I ask each person to choose the price point that works for their current budget.  Payments are made either in one lump sum up front, or in monthly payments.  You know if you can pay $100, $200, $300, $400 or more a month– before we begin class you choose and commit to the price point on my sliding scale that your budget can handle.  Monthly payments are due by the 10th of the month.  Your first payment reserves your place in the class.

You will learn:

Carly, Washington

​What is an ​Empath or Empathic?

 A person who senses or feels the emotions of others by experiencing them in their own body.  They don't just know what another person is feeling, they can feel the sensations inside their own skin.

Does this sound like you?

* Being around others can be overwhelming for me.  I am HIGHLY receptive to the emotions and feelings of those around me.  I'm not just aware of what they are feeling, I can sense it in my own body.

* I often feel jerked around by everyone else's emotional state.  I have a hard time creating boundaries so that I don't feel what they are feeling.  I honestly don't know how to do this. 

 ​* I feel depleted after being in large crowds of people.​

 * It is hard for me to keep a clear head when other people are experiencing intense emotion around me.

* If my partner (or children) are stressed I feel the stress in my own body, like it is happening to me.

* My emotions can be intense and they seem stronger than other’s emotions.  Like another person would be tearing up and I may be bawling about the same thing!

* I have a hard time figuring out what I really want when others are around.  I'm often clear when I am alone, but if there are people around me my own needs get fuzzy.

* Sometimes I have anxiety that I can’t place– meaning I don’t actually know why I feel anxious.

* Sometimes I feel like I’m not even sure who I am— I feel the needs and emotions of others so deeply that I can get lost in those feelings easily.

 * I often feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.  Depressing things in the news or terrible happenings (anywhere on the planet) make me feel horrible.  I sometimes can’t stop thinking about them for days and days. 

* I tend to over-give. I can feel the needs of those around me and I want to help. I frequently do so at the cost of myself.

* I feel like I must be built like this for a reason—I want to contribute, add positively, and shine but I am sometimes so overwhelmed by my sensitivities that I can’t see clearly as to how to do so.

Tami, Washington

I teach empaths who are overwhelmed and sometimes debilitated by their sensitivities.  Through a 4 or 7 month program I teach you in manageable steps how to understand your abilities so that you can work with your sensitivities (and not against them).  This also leads you to getting and staying connected to your own power and knowing and ultimately to being able to use your empathic gift to help inspire yourself and others.

Each session (which we do over conference call) we will focus on a different aspect/topic/tool for managing your empathic abilities.  You will have “homework” to practice during the interim between our sessions.  It’s one thing to learn the tools but it is even more important to practice them and to understand through your own experience how they work for you and how they help you in specific and meaningful ways. During our phone sessions we will spend time not only learning new techniques but also sharing our experiences of putting these tools into play. Articulating what you experience is another way to get information and learning into your body.  When you take 
the time to really notice what you experienced and then share it with others, you lock the learning in on a deeper level—you give it the attention that it needs to thrive and become second nature for you.  When you listen to others who have similar gifts share their own experience, more understanding dawns for you.  

We celebrate our victories and accomplishments together regularly via a smart phone app called "WhatsApp."​


  • 14 MP3 recordings with the lessons and learning dialogue from each call.
  • (Approximately) 14 Documents detailing our practices and homework (These can continue to guide and remind you long after we are finished.)
  • Several audio MP3s which guide you through doing the empath's most powerful and effective tools (including clearing your energy and setting your boundary)
  • ​One private check-in with Aimée as part of our class
  • Reminders of our tools and practices in the form of images and words sent regularly to your smart phone 
  • Friends that you are likely to make through connecting with other empathically gifted people!


  • Connection with other graduates via a private Facebook Empath Intuition University Graduates page
  • For those in the Seattle/Vashon area or visiting, an open invitation to an ongoing coffee get together with other local Empath Intuition University graduates
  • An open invitation to jump on any of our future Empath Intuition University calls, should you feel you would benefit from a reminder of the techniques, or want to reinvigorate your practices again.
  • The opportunity to join Aimée's Empath Intuition University 202 program where you go beyond managing your empathic ability and learn how to hone your intuition into a reliable and trustworthy tool.

What you will need to do to dial your own skills?

  • Be on our calls.(We start on time.)
  • Learn:via phone calls, homework, and listening/sharing.
  • Notice/practice:Your own practice and experience is what will help you dial your gift more than any information.  Like anything, the more you practice the better you get! And before too long what once took effort to think about becomes second nature for you.  (That's where the life long improvement comes in! Trust me, it's amazing!)
  • Document and celebrate victories: (via phone and the smart phone messaging app "What's App").
  • Articulate: by sharing your experiences with your fellow students during our phone calls or partner work.  This not only helps you lock in your own experiences but of course also benefits the group as we learn from each other.

Yes! I'm in.

I know I need this and I'm ready now.

What are my next steps?

* How to clear your own energy

* How to create natural boundaries so that you don't have to download everyone else's emotions

* How to connect and stay in touch with your own Highest Self

* How to tell the difference between what is yours and what you are picking up from outside of yourself

* The best practices for keeping your energy grounded and why this is important

* The best practice for staying in touch with your inner knowing

* The most important rules to know when you are naturally porous and what to do about them

* How to avoid over-giving (giving to others to the point of ignoring, exhausting or depleting yourself) and remain in integrity with yourself and others in this area

* To understand how global happenings can affect empaths

* How to deal in a healthy and happy way with the high levels of emotions that naturally run through you

* The practices that will help you nurture yourself and why this is especially vital for empaths

* The practical uses of being empathic

* The Highest Service of an empathic nature

​​​This program is designed to give you the tools and experience that you need in order for your empathic ability not to feel like a burden.  By the end of it you will have the structures and tools put into place for yourself so that you can move about your life seamlessly, even as someone who has a highly sensitive radar to what others are experiencing.  By the end of our time together managing your highly sensitive being will feel as natural as the things that you already do to manage your human body, eat, drink, brush your teeth, etc!  That’s when the real fun begins!  Once you can easily manage your gift, that’s when you can really start to expand it and experience the benefits that it can bring to your life and those around you.

Being an empath has a brilliance all it’s own.  It’s a lovely and purposeful gift that can bring joy to you and others.  You’ll learn about this too!  And you will get to experience its benefits without having it drain you!

I get it!

Living as an empathic person can feel grueling at times.  It can be confusing, it can be intense, it can be crazy making! Having other people's business run through your own system can be taxing. It’s terrible to not be able to tell the difference between when what you are feeling belongs to you or someone else.  ​If you are not in command of your gift you can be

"I SO recommend this class! It changed my life! No joke, amazing amazing course. Aimée is a gifted and amazing teacher. The program has had a profound effect on me, my life and those close to me. The program is really well laid out, introducing skills and knowledge that build on each other and that allow more and more success as the program continues. Aimée is a very skilled and understanding teacher. Aside from the course content, she freely and openly shares practical tips and experiences from her own life that helped me to better understand the lessons being taught. Also, listening and sharing with the other students has been invaluable. It has helped, not only uncover things about my empathic experiences that I hadn't noticed or thought of, but also to share with similar people who are experiencing many of the difficulties and successes associated with being an empath." 

I put a lot into my programs.  I am committed to serving others so that they can access their own innate knowing.  I also don't take every student that happens along.  That's why there is an application process and a free phone call first; I want to make sure that my program can REALLY serve you.  

I only take students who are really committed to amplifying their own inner knowing or managing their empathic ability, understand the ginormous benefits of doing so, and who can comfortably commit financially to my program.  Because I am committed to this service I offer a HUGE sliding scale to accommodate different lifestyles and incomes.

I also ask that you trust your own gut.  If you feel like this is your program, we see that it can serve you, and you are excited to work with me that's wonderful– let's go!

If for some reason you need to pull out of the program you can notify Aimée at the beginning of the month (prior to that month's first class).  Tuition for the remaining months will not be charged, (or will be refunded if you have paid in full).  However tuition for the months where you have attended class will not be refunded.  If you decide to take the class at a later date, you will be charged regular full tuition for doing so, no matter where you were in the program when you stepped out.

I endeavor to create programs that are a win win for all. :) 

How the course works:

 "I'm not sure how I survived this long as an empath without this understanding and these tools! I feel much more equipped to just plain live; no matter what I'm doing, I can do it with more ease, power, and grace. I couldn't recommend this course more. Aimée walks you ever so gently through many tools to make all the good things better and make all the bad things practically disappear. My life is ten times more easeful than before. I took this course while mothering two small children, and white it was tricky to carve out the time, I am delighted at how much more comfortable it is to be an empath in this body, in this family, and in this world." 

Not sure if you are an Empath?

Get my "44 Signs You Are an Empath"  which comes with my

"4 Antidotes to Common Empath Challenges" audio.  

Julie B., Ontario

Program Pricing:

Lindsey, Nebraska