​​Intuition University is for you if:

  • You crave a strong, powerful, and constant connection to your own inner knowing and deepest self, that will allow you to get the answers that are best for you in your life
  • You feel as though you don't have access to your own inner knowing but want to
  • You feel that you do have psychic gifts but are unsure how to put them in play in your life
  • You get intuitive urges and knowing, but have a hard time trusting them
  • You know that you want to use your intuitive skills on a deeper more constant level but are unsure how to get there yourself
  • You feel as though you need a teacher or guide
  • You have an area of your life that you have a hard time accessing your intuition in but would like to be able to use it there as well
  • You would like to understand the specifics of how your inner knowing comes to you and what your innate skills are in this manner
  • ​​You are ready to experience the graceful success that comes from having access to your own inner knowing and psychic guidance
  • You are ready to feel strong and powerful in your own knowing and confident that you can deal with any situation as it arises
  • You are ready and eager to commit to this kind of learning and get access to your own Highest Knowing
  • You feel like this is the perfect time in your life (for whatever reason) for you to get all of this and more
  • You just know, for one reason or another, that this course is for you... perhaps it excites you in your bones, perhaps you just know you are ready to move into deeper relationship with your own inner knowing. Perhaps you don't know exactly why, but you do KNOW that THIS is the course for you, and I am your guide.

    If any of this applies to you, then WELCOME! I can't wait to get started with you.

​​​​​​​​​​An understanding of and an ability to trust your own internal guidance is a skill that guides you to the BEST experiences your whole life long. 

Access to a personalized psychic guide to help you on your journey is rare.

But most important, are your results.

According to every other student I've had,

you walk away feeling POWERFUL and CAPABLE– 



And that IS truly precious.

I think you're going to love it!

I can't wait to get started with you! 

All my love,


This homework might be as simple as paying attention, noticing the things and cues in your life that are already working.  Or it could be slightly more extensive.  Depending on where you are, you may need some freshening up in certain areas to get you humming into tiptop shape.  I promise it won't be difficult, but it will require a bit of effort and commitment on your part.

Like any other skill, intuition is something that must be practiced and sometimes certain things must be put into place to get it working properly for you.  It may sound like I'm being deliberately vague and I am.  That's because every person is different – what they need and where they are at in their lives create factors that vary exceedingly person to person.

This is why you are getting a one-on-one personal training from an expert.

​But like I said, it's going to be fun, gaining this much access to your own personal knowing always is.  It feels great.  It feels amazing.  It feels powerful and also, natural.  That's because it's all that too.  

I can't wait to get you started.

Intuition University courses are practical and relatable. They use the events and situations you are experiencing right now to help you gain confidence and knowledge.

What you will experience during your Intuition University: 

  • Understanding of your own particular intuitive gifts 
  • Confirmation (where needed) of these particular gifts and skills
  • Knowledge of where your answers come from– by the end of our program you will be able to identify common ways in which your intuition or your highest knowing comes to you
  • What you might be missing (in terms of intuition) as you are right now, and either ways to work around this or get back on track
  • What it means and what to do when it seems like answers don't come
  • Ways to work with your personal ethereal guides
  • You will walk away with an invaluable blueprint of what it feels like when your intuition is really working for you– a priceless reference point for your future actions. (To put this in perspective, I still use my most powerful moments as reference – all these years later.)
  • Invaluable experiential information that will help you guide and define your relationship with your own intuition for years to come
  • The power, freedom and expansiveness that accessing and trusting your own intuition gives you
  • The success that follows when you ask for and rely upon this inner knowing

What I realized after I sat down to develop this course and offering,after my client asked me to offer something that could help her in this way– is that there is a lot of behind the scenes practices and knowledge that I do and use regarding my intuition and accessing it, that I never really talk about– not in my blog, and not even in my book, Getting Answers.  It's the kind of in-depth knowledge that a person with a deep and committed relationship with their intuition, and a practiced and reliable trust in it based on proven experience develops and knows.  It's the kind of insider knowledge that a person hard-wired like me, as a seer, knows and uses instinctively, in many cases without anyone ever having told me how to or what to do.  

Once I realized this, I got even more excited about offering my Intuition University.  I realized that I would be talking to my students about intuition and addressing things that I might only address in passing while doing a reading.  Information that I could give in-depth to someone who already had some training or some practice in working with their intuition.

So in addition to the one-on-one sessions that you and I spend working together, cultivating your intuition, and having you explore it while under the watch of an expert guide, I also offer my Intuition University students access to a whole host of articles and information I create just for them.  These are articles that address issues beyond the regular how-to get answers that I describe in my book, Getting Answers.  They address issues that arise, practices and insights for when you feel stuck– in essence, the insider information or the ins-and-outs of having a working relationship with your intuition, one that truly guides you in positive ways.

So as part of my program I offer my students access to this insider information, in perpetuity.  Even beyond the length of our sessions together you will have access to an ever evolving body of articles and in-depth explorations on working with your intuition that others won't get to see.  It's only for Intuition University Graduates.

Yes, I am ready to feel strong, powerful, and capable of understanding my best course in any situation!

I am ready to gain access to my own inner knowing!​

I developed this because:

I had clients who said to me, "When I have a reading with you I feel so in touch with my Highest Self.  I can feel that the information you provide comes from that place.  But as time goes on after I hang up the phone with you, I find myself wanting to know how to do this for myself.

I want to be connected to that part of me.  I want to have access to this higher knowing so that I can navigate my life in the best way possible, and deal with the next things in my life as they arise for me.​"

How it works:    

  • Through a series of nine one hour (phone) sessions over the course of 6 months, you and I will work together to develop your intuitive talents.  
  • We will assess your particular needs and gifts.  
  • You will learn what your intuitive strengths are.  
  • We will boost or strengthen areas where your intuition needs a little lift.  
  • You will learn how to use, rely upon, and depend upon these gifts.  
  • You will learn practices for accessing your own intuition on a regular basis in your day-to-day life.
  • You will get a feel for trusting it, all the while having a guide along to help you get there.  
  • You will, through your own experience, get comfortable within that deep place of inner knowing.  
  • I will be your cheerleader, teacher, and guide during the weeks that we are working together.  
  • I will take you to the next level in terms of accessing and trusting your own instincts and inner knowing.
  • You can bounce ideas off me, ask me questions pertaining to your own particular experiences, and articulate your practice and knowing to me.

Wherever you are right now in terms of how you relate to your intuition or psychic knowledge is perfect. That's the beauty of one-on-one work.  My course meets you at the level you are at, whether you are just beginning or are already greatly attuned to your own knowing.  

Whether you are learning how to trust your intuition, or want to master using it in a certain arena of your life– this is a course for you.

This course is tailored specifically to YOU, where you are at right now.  

You will learn how to use it in real-time, in your own life, with whatever is happening there at this moment.

Who are these courses for? 

Do I have to be at a certain level of intuitive competence to take this course?

​What if I'm already in touch with my intuition?  

What if I'm not?

​I call it my Intuition University because to me it indicates higher learning.  But really, this is a series of one-on-one sessions where you get to leave behind the large classroom (even as you might find it in a book) and get specific personalized learning from an expert about developing, accessing, and using your own intuition and psychic guidance system. 

It's entirely tailored to you.  

It's one of those rare experiences these days, where you have your own personal psychic guide and guide who helps you to get access to and understand your own higher knowing.

What I notice in my work as a psychic guide is that every person/every soul has a different and unique design.  No two are exactly the same.  This means that we all have unique gifts and talents, and the ways in which we process information, get psychic guidance or intuit information is slightly different.  That's why I LOVE offering this one-on-one training.

It isn't a generic how-to formula (although those can be helpful too).  This is personalized instruction based on who you are and where your talents lie and what areas (or all) of your life you want to enhance your intuitive skills.  It's designed to help you develop your own gifts and experiences while having the benefit of an expert guide.

​What is it?  

A series of one-on-one sessions (over the course of 6 months) where you work directly with Aimée to understand and develop your own intuitive gifts and

psychic guidance.

​​​Access to your own intuition is priceless.

Understanding, fine-tuning, and being able to rely upon your own intuition is a skill that brings you success for a lifetime.  The more adept you are, the better your results.  It's a skill that can help you address and better anything in your life from relationship issues, career advancement and success, money making skills, to personal transformation and evolution, and even issues like, where to live, or go to school, or what to do in literally any situation you come across.  It's a gift and skill that you give yourself that keeps on giving– forever. It's a relationship and understanding of yourself and to yourself that is satisfying beyond words. It is truly precious.


* 9 one hour private sessions (done within 6 months)

*MP3 recordings of each of those sessions

* Exclusive Intuition University teaching documents

*Any time access to me via WhatsAp or email

*Lifetime access to any Intuition University documents after our program is complete (even the ones that we didn't use during your sessions)

* 1 bonus one hour session with MP3 recording (to be used within the year after our sessions are complete)


The value of the program is $5400.

It's important to me that those who are ready be able to find a price point that works for them. Therefore, I offer a sliding scale for this program.

Students choose between $5400 - $2900 to find a number that works for them and their budget RIGHT NOW.

Payments are made in either one lump sum or 6 monthly payments according to each students needs.

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If you are ready, the next steps are to:

1. Fill out your application and email it back to me.

2. Schedule your FREE exploratory call 

Yes, but how much does it cost?

psychic readings  +  Private & group classes for

developing your intuition &

experiencing your best life 

What you will need:

  • Time and commitment

I think this pretty much goes without saying.  I mean you are spending money on this, you are dedicated. But I wanted to underscore it because this program is about getting you access to your inner knowing, and honing that knowing.  Just like learning any skill, it requires practice, and just like any higher learning it will likely involve homework.  

But don't worry, it will be fun too.

*Psychic Guide *Author *Speaker *Intuition teacher