Intuition University Private Training includes:

​​​Access to your own intuition is priceless.

Understanding, fine-tuning, and being able to rely upon your own intuition is a skill that brings you success for a lifetime.  The more adept you are, the better your results.  It's a skill that can help you address and better anything in your life from relationship issues, career advancement and success, money making skills, your leadership skills, to personal transformation and evolution.  

It's a gift and skill that you give yourself that keeps on giving– forever.

It's a relationship and understanding of yourself and to yourself that is satisfying beyond words.

It is truly precious.

This program is unique and exclusive.

It's the only one of it's kind. It's practical and relatable.  It uses the real situations of your life to give you experience understanding and trusting your own inner guidance.

It also gives you access to an expert psychic guide who only takes

a limited number of private students per year.

Intuition University Private Training

Yes, but– right now your intuition sometimes confuses you. You don't know how to regularly access this part of yourself who has all the best answers.  You don't know how to put her to work on very specific questions to get the answers that best serve you.  You know you get information intuitively, but you don't know what your innate psychic traits are.  You've probably never had the opportunity to study with a real life psychic before.

And yet, you know:

Woman of Influence

​​​​​​​​​​An understanding of and an ability to trust your own internal guidance is a skill that guides you to the BEST experiences your whole life long. 

Access to a personalized psychic guide to help you on your journey is rare.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT, are your results.

According to every other student I've had,

you walk away feeling POWERFUL and CAPABLE– 



And that IS truly precious.

I think you're going to love it!

I'm excited to get started with you! 

All my love,


This homework might be as simple as paying attention, noticing the things and cues in your life that are already working.  Or it could be slightly more extensive.  Depending on where you are, you may need some freshening up in certain areas to get you humming into tiptop shape.  I promise it won't be difficult, but it will require a bit of effort and commitment on your part.

Like any other skill, intuition is something that must be practiced and sometimes certain things must be put into place to get it working properly for you.  It may sound like I'm being deliberately vague and I am.  That's because every person is different – what they need and where they are at in their lives create factors that vary exceedingly person to person.

This is why you are getting a one-on-one personal training from an expert.

​But like I said, it's going to be fun, gaining this much access to your own personal knowing always is.  It feels great.  It feels amazing.  It feels powerful and also, natural.  That's because it's all that too.  And it's practical.

​​​What I realized after I sat down to develop this course and offering, after my clients asked me to provide something that could help them in this way– is that there is a lot of behind the scenes practices and knowledge that I do and use regarding my intuition and accessing it, that I never really talk about– not in my blog, and not even in my book, Getting Answers.  It's the kind of in-depth knowledge that a person with a deep and committed relationship with their intuition, and a practiced and reliable trust in it, based on proven experience, develops and knows.  It's the kind of insider knowledge that a person hard-wired like me, as a seer, knows and uses instinctively, in many cases without anyone ever having told me how to or what to do.  

Once I realized this, I got even more excited about offering my Intuition University Private Training.  I realized that I would be talking to my students about intuition/psychic skills and addressing topics and practices that I might only mention in passing while doing a reading.  This in-depth information was something that I could deliver to someone who was ready for training and practice in learning to rely upon their own intuitive  knowing.  I knew that I could easily help others understand, enhance, and harness the power of their own intuitive knowing– and that is what I do!

I developed this because:

I had clients who said to me, "When I have a reading with you I feel so in touch with my Highest Self.  I can feel that the information you provide comes from that place.  But as time goes on after I hang up the phone with you, I find myself wanting to know how to do this for myself.

I want to be connected to that part of me.  I want to have access to this higher knowing so that I can navigate my life in the best way possible, and deal with the next things in my life as they arise for me.​"

  • Through a series of nine one hour (phone) sessions over the course of 6 months, you and I will work together to hone and develop your intuitive talents.  

  • You will get to define your goals.
  • I will create a program to help you achieve those goals.
  • We will identify your particular needs and gifts.  

  • You will learn what your intuitive/psychic strengths are.  

  • We will boost or strengthen areas where your intuition needs a little lift.  

  • You will learn how to use, rely upon, and depend upon these gifts though your own experience.  

  • You will learn practices for accessing your own intuition on a regular basis in your day-to-day life.

  • You will get a feel for trusting it, all the while having a guide along to help you get there.  

  • You can bounce ideas off me, ask me questions pertaining to your own particular experiences, and articulate your practice and knowing.

  • You will, through your own experience, get comfortable within that deep place of inner knowing.  
  • I will be your cheerleader, teacher, and guide during the months that we are working together.  
  • I will guide you into accessing your own instincts and inner knowing and learning that you can trust them.

psychic readings  +   intuition  & empath classes

for experiencing your best life  

*Psychic Guide *Author

*Intuition & empath teacher 

​Aimee's Intuition University was one of the best things I could've done. I decided to try it because I needed to learn how to better trust myself and the intuitive messages I'd been receiving for a long time, but that I often ignored. At the end of our time together, I found myself in awe of the new place I was in mentally, feeling calmer and more trusting than I could remember in years.
    Our sessions helped me to start getting over the fear of acting on the intuitive messages I was receiving that didn't make logical sense to the rational part of my brain. She also helped me to see ways I've always used my intuition that I wasn't consciously aware of until now.
    I was a little sad when our last session ended and I didn't have anymore homework. :) Nevertheless, I'm excited to see where these new skills lead.

​-Mary S., Minnesota

Good Karma Guarantee

​​​​This training isn't a generic how-to formula (although those can be helpful too).  This is personalized instruction based on who you are, where your innate psychic/intuitive talents lie and what areas (or all) of your life you want to enhance these skills in.  It's designed to help you develop your own gifts and experience while having the benefit of an expert guide.  It's a program entirely designed for YOU.

What I notice in my work as a psychic guide is that every person/every soul has a different and unique design.  No two are exactly the same.  This means that we all have distinct gifts and talents, and the ways in which we process information, get psychic guidance or intuit information is slightly different.  That's why I LOVE offering one-on-one training.

  • I crave a strong, powerful, and constant connection to my own inner knowing and deepest self, that will allow me to get the answers that are best for me in my life.
  • I feel as though I don't have as much access to my own inner knowing as I would like.
  • I feel that I do have psychic gifts but am unsure how to put them into play in my life.
  • I do get intuitive urges and knowing, but I have a hard time trusting them.
  • I know I want to use my intuitive skills on a deeper more constant level but am unsure how to get there myself.
  • I am ready to be a strong and inspiring example to others of what it looks like to trust your own intuitive power.
  • I feel as though I need a teacher and guide to help me really make these changes.
  • I have an area of my life that I have a hard time accessing my intuition in but would like to be able to use it there as well.
  • I would like to understand the specifics of how my inner knowing comes to me and what my innate skills are in this manner.
  • I am an empath who wants finely dialed instruction on how to manage my abilities and how to use my gift to best serve myself and others.
  • ​​I am ready to experience the graceful success that comes from having access to my own inner knowing and psychic guidance.
  • I am ready to feel strong and powerful in my own knowing and confident that I can deal with any situation as it arises.
  • I am ready and eager to commit to this kind of learning and get access to my own Highest Knowing.
  • I feel like this is the perfect time in my life for me to get all of this and more.
  • I just know, for one reason or another, that this course is for me... it excites me in my bones, or I just know I am ready to move into deeper relationship with my own inner knowing. Or I don't know exactly why yet, but I do KNOW that THIS is the course for me, and Aimée is my guide.

    If any of this applies to you– and you feel committed to making the changes and getting the guidance that will take you to a reliable relationship with your inner knowing– then:
  • Understanding of your own particular intuitive/psychic gifts 
  • Confirmation and strengthening (where needed) of these particular gifts and skills
  • Knowledge of where your answers come from– by the end of our program you will be able to identify common ways in which your intuition or your highest knowing comes to you
  • Practices for (and experience in) connecting with your own Highest Self
  • What you might be missing (in terms of intuition) as you are right now, and either ways to work around this or get back on track
  • If you are empathic, you will have a working knowledge of managing your ability, be able to create natural boundaries for yourself, know how to tell the difference between what is yours and what is other, and you will have experienced other specific tools (as needed) for transforming your ability from a burden to a gift
  • Information on what it means and what to do when it seems like answers don't come
  • Ways to work with your personal ethereal guides
  • An invaluable blueprint of what it feels like when your intuition is really working for you– a priceless reference point for your future actions (To put this in perspective, I still use my most powerful moments as reference – all these years later.)
  • Instrumental experiential information that will help you guide, define, and strengthen your relationship with your own intuition for years to come
  • The power, freedom and expansiveness that accessing and trusting your own intuition gives you
  • The success that follows when you ask for and rely upon this inner knowing
  • ​Confidence in your own ability to do so

What you will experience:

Ready to get started?

1. Go here to get your Intuition University application.

Fill it out and email it back to me.

​​(This helps me determine if my program can actually serve you.  

I take a limited number of private students per year and only those who I am sure my program can serve.) 

2. Schedule your FREE 15 minute Intuition University Exploratory Call

(Here we can talk about any questions you have, see if the program is a fit for you, go over the details of your application,

and if it is a go find a price point thats works from my sliding scale.)

Are you ready to gain access to or strengthen 
your own inner knowing​?

Are you ready to put that inner knowing to good use in your life– enriching yourself and benefiting others?

Are you ready to feel strong, powerful, and capable of understanding your best course in any situation? 

I put a lot into my programs.  I am committed to serving others so that they can access their own innate knowing.  I also don't take every student that happens along.  That's why there is an application process and a free phone call first; I want to make sure that my program can REALLY serve you.  

I only take students who are really committed to amplifying their own inner knowing, understand the ginormous benefits of doing so, and who can comfortably commit financially to my program.  Because I am committed to this service I offer a HUGE sliding scale to accommodate different lifestyles and incomes.

I also ask that trust your own gut.  If you feel like this is your program, we see that it can serve you, and you are excited to work with me that's wonderful– let's go!

If after your first three sessions working with me you aren't COMPLETELY SATISFIED, I will happily return the remaining 2/3rds balance (or unused portion) of your tuition and wish you well.  I endeavor to have my programs be win/wins in every way!

The truth is everyone's intuition works a bit differently.

That's why I offer

Do any of these sound like you?

“I sense that I am actually cut out for or am already a practitioner in an intuitive career.  I’ve felt the force of my intuition my whole life. I do rely upon it to guide me—but I don’t ALWAYS trust it completely.  Sometimes I still doubt it or have a hard time interpreting it.  I want to understand the specifics of my innate intuitive/psychic traits.  I am ready to dispel my doubt once and for all.   I’m ready for a mentor who can help me deepen and more thoroughly understand my abilities–which I know will lead me to trusting them completely AND being better at what I do.  I am looking for a mentor to help guide and support me through that next piece.  I would love a teacher that will help me step into my own power/work and allow me to shine as brightly as I can.  I am ready to boost my own strength through guidance, knowledge, reflection, practice and directed accountability.  I am ready to take my intuitive practice to the next level.” 

​​9 one-hour private sessions (done within 6 months)

MP3 recordings of each of those sessions

Exclusive Intuition University teaching documents

Any time access to me via WhatsAp or email

Lifetime access to any Intuition University documents after our program is complete (even the ones that we didn't use during your sessions)

1 bonus one-hour session with MP3 recording (to be used within the year after our sessions are complete) 

Taking the Intuition University Private Training has helped me more than I can say!  The change has been incredible!  I feel like I understand myself better than I ever have before.  There are so many things that you’ve said that I hang onto again and again. It was your words that helped me make major shifts!  I heard your advice inside my head.  “Aimée would say take it easy here… or Aimée would say…“  

And applying your practices to my life made both little and big situations improve drastically.  For example situations that had been almost unbearably difficult for me in the past now feel completely different. The same thing happened only the result was not the same.  I could tell the difference and so could everyone else.  I felt empowered.  And the situations were so much less dramatic.  I knew just what to do to protect and help myself– and everyone else was positively uplifted too.  The responses from others were amazing!  This has been a really fulfilling experience!  You helped me unlock my gift and understand it.  It’s released me and opened me up to what I can really do.

-Tami B-J., Washington

“I am a woman of influence. Serving my people is important to me.  I know I am intuitive and I want to be able to rely upon my own innate intuition as a strong and powerful muscle that serves both myself and others– in my work and beyond.  I am ready to take a hold of this innate skill I have, to deepen it and understand it in a whole new way. I’m ready to know the specifics and gain confidence in how MY intuition/psychic senses work for me and how they help me serve others.  I feel ready to put effort toward developing my innate skill.  I know that I am worth it and that myself and others will benefit from me doing so– especially as I am a role model for others.  I understand the benefits of me understanding how my own intuition works will last me a lifetime.”  

Intuitive Practitioner

I had an amazing experience working with Aimée and her Intuition University Private Training. Beginning with our first session, I felt connected to Aimée and inspired by her as we talked. She helped me identify the ways I was already using my intuition that I wasn't necessarily aware of and she offered expert support as I integrated new and existing tools into my life experience. As the events of my life unfolded over the course of this training, I had the opportunity to listen to and be in dialogue with my inner guidance in many different situations and to see the profound shifts that come as a result of engaging with myself in this way.

     Aimée’s program helped me to deepen my inner life and to trust myself as I navigate my outer life. The feeling that comes from listening and tending to your own being feels so nourishing and freeing. The support and guidance I had from Aimée was an empowering life changer! I feel so empowered.  Thank you so much for the experience! I'm still glowing! I feel like I'm remembering who I am.

- Kristie V., New York

The monetary value of the program is $5400.

Program Tuition: $3400

Payments are made in either one lump sum or 6 monthly payments according to each students needs.

What you will need:

“Using my intuition is fairly new to me.  I mean I’ve used it in my life before but I don’t always or often trust it.   I am learning that this is an innate skill I have.  I know I will feel more powerful, confident, and strong if I get to know how my own intuition works and have practice using it.  I understand that doing so will empower me to make whatever changes are necessary in my life and to move me toward living the life my soul intended and creating the life of my dreams.  I am ready to own and be able to trust my innate intuitive power and I'd like a guide to get there.”

I took the Intuition University Private Training with Aimée.  When I began the course, I thought I already had a fairly good grasp of my intuition. But in the course of working with Aimée, I came to a much deeper understanding of how I connect with my inner self, and how I can lead a more inspired life by readily accessing this part of myself.  Aimée was extremely attuned to what would be most helpful for me, and each session was specifically designed to answer the questions that were most important to me.  I was also going through some difficult issues in my career and personal relationships during our course, and I was grateful to have Aimée as a gentle and compassionate mentor who gave me the strength and resources to navigate through the turbulence.  And now I have a toolkit that I can use for the rest of my life.  Thank you Aimée!"

-Joo-Hee C., New York

Yes, and how much does it cost?

Time and commitment

I think this pretty much goes without saying.  I mean you are investing in this and yourself; you are dedicated. But I wanted to underscore it because this program is about getting you access to your inner knowing, and honing that knowing.  Just like learning any skill, it requires practice, and just like any higher learning it will likely involve homework.  

But don't worry, it will be fun too.

Does any of this sound like you?

Here is a bit of what happened!

It's a six month program uniquely tailored to you, where you get to leave behind the large classroom (even as you might find it in a book) and get specific personalized learning from an expert about developing, accessing, and using your own intuition and psychic guidance.

It's one of those rare experiences these days, where you have your own personal psychic guide who helps you to get access to and understanding of your own higher knowing– and guides you to using it in entirely

practical ways.

How it works:

Ready to Empower Myself

My Intuition University Private Training exceeded my expectations. What I received will serve me for the rest of my life. Aimée has been supportive and helped guide me into a space where I am more connected with my intuition and also manifesting my life goals. The structure was great and Aimée has handouts for everything, which is super helpful. 

     I love that Aimée's Intuition University Private Training allows for an individualized program focused solely on the goals of her student. Aimée meets the needs of each student by individualizing homework, activities and lessons and she is always available to answer questions and provide support. This program helped me move across the country. I had already planned to but the program helped me land with more ease and focus than I anticipated.  

     I highly recommend this program. I deepened my connection with my intuition and have more specific information about my psychic abilities. I have even begun to shape them into an intuitive career for myself– one that I always knew I was headed for.  I am now aware of how I receive signs from my spirit guides, physical body and energy body. Having specific information about how I receive signs and what the signs mean is an invaluable skill.

- Michelle J., Oregon

​You know you've got an intuitive sense. You know it's designed to guide you to more goodness, joy, and success. You know it sometimes gives you surprising answers that are just SO RIGHT!


sometimes you have a hard time trusting it.

You want to know with 100% certainty that you can rely upon your intuition.  You want to be able to use your inner knowing to get the answers that you need in your life.  You want to know how to get connected to and stay connected to that deeper wise part of yourself, regularly and on-call.  You understand that doing so would give you a solid foundation of "Yes!" and "I've got this!" with everything you do.  You know that if you could just master your connection and understanding of your own intuitive senses, it would benefit you your whole life long.   You're ready for the accountability, support, and deep transformation that having a professional mentor/guide provides.