"You have already helped me more than I can say."
"I feel so joyous and seen!"
"I feel so empowered AND peaceful." 
"I feel like I am remembering who I am."

Taking the Intuition University Private Training has helped me gain control over my responses to stress. It was so helpful. Instead of low level anxiety that I was self-medicating to control, I learned new ways to protect my self, and trust the information I was getting in my work and home life environment. People I work with have noticed the shift and have told me how much I make a positive difference for them at work. I'm asked for advice by some, and I share a little of what I have learned. Thank you Aimée for all you have done for me. I'm evolving into a more exciting future. 

​-Debra G., Washington

Mary S. Minnesota

Taking the Intuition University Private Training has helped me more than I can say!  The change has been incredible!  I feel like I understand myself better than I ever have before.  There are so many things that you’ve said that I hang onto again and again. It was your words that helped me make major shifts!  I heard your advice inside my head.  “Aimée would say take it easy here… or Aimée would say…“  

And applying your solutions to my life made both little and big situations improve drastically.  For example situations that had been almost unbearably difficult for me in the past now feel completely different. The same thing happened only the result was not the same.  I could tell the difference and so could everyone else.  I felt empowered.  And the situations were so much less dramatic.  I knew just what to do to protect and help myself and everyone else was positively uplifted too.  The responses from others were amazing!  This has been a really fulfilling experience!  You helped me unlock my gift and understand it.  It’s released me and opened me up to what I can really do.

-Tami B-J., Washington

My work with Aimée [in her Intuition University Private Training] has been truly transformative.  With her positive outlook and pragmatic style, she has helped me to identify my gifts as well as the patterns that hold me back from fully realizing my own intuitive potential.  With all of this in mind, she gave me practices, which she lovingly refers to as “homework” to do until our next session.  And the work we did together stays with me as I have a record of my own progress as well as the practices.  Now, months after completing my intuition university course, I still find the practices helpful.  Better still, I know that I will always have the knowledge gained and be able to go back to those notes and practices, as well as benefit from the ongoing articles and resources Aimee makes available to all participants.  I can’t recommend this work highly enough.  Aimée is a wonder!

- KH, Washington​

Intuition University Student Reports

Mary S. Minnesota
Mary S. Minnesota
Mary S. Minnesota
Mary S. Minnesota

*Psychic Guide *Author

*Intuition & empath teacher 

I took the Intuition University Private Training with Aimée.  When I began the course, I thought I already had a fairly good grasp of my intuition. But in the course of working with Aimée, I came to a much deeper understanding of how I connect with my inner self, and how I can lead a more inspired life by readily accessing this part of myself.  Aimée was extremely attuned to what would be most helpful for me, and each session was specifically designed to answer the questions that were most important to me.  I was also going through some difficult issues in my career and personal relationships during our course, and I was grateful to have Aimée as a gentle and compassionate mentor who gave me the strength and resources to navigate through the turbulence.  And now I have a toolkit that I can use for the rest of my life.  Thank you Aimée!"

-Joo-Hee C., New York

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Aimée [in your Empath Intuition University] you put works to experiences I've been having in such a solid practical manner! I so deeply appreciate your grounded perspective and persistence in consistent practice– I have tools to build on for a lifetime.  I'm looking forward to incorporating all that you offered and more. Thank you so much for putting your Empath Intuition University out there!

- Hawke, Washington​

​Aimee's Intuition University was one of the best things I could've done. I decided to try it because I needed to learn how to better trust myself and the intuitive messages I'd been receiving for a long time, but that I often ignored. At the end of our time together, I found myself in awe of the new place I was in mentally, feeling calmer and more trusting than I could remember in years.
    Our sessions helped me to start getting over the fear of acting on the intuitive messages I was receiving that didn't make logical sense to the rational part of my brain. She also helped me to see ways I've always used my intuition that I wasn't consciously aware of until now.
    I was a little sad when our last session ended and I didn't have anymore homework. :) Nevertheless, I'm excited to see where these new skills lead.

​-Mary S., Minnesota

I had an amazing experience working with Aimée and her Intuition University Private Training. Beginning with our first session, I felt connected to Aimée and inspired by her as we talked. She helped me identify the ways I was already using my intuition that I wasn't necessarily aware of and she offered expert support as I integrated new and existing tools into my life experience. As the events of my life unfolded over the course of this training, I had the opportunity to listen to and be in dialogue with my inner guidance in many different situations and to see the profound shifts that come as a result of engaging with myself in this way. Aimée’s program helped me to deepen my inner life and to trust myself as I navigate my outer life. The feeling that comes from listening and tending to your own being feels so nourishing and freeing. The support and guidance I had from Aimée was an empowering life changer! I feel so empowered.  Thank you so much for the experience! I'm still glowing! I feel like I'm remembering who I am.

- Kristie V., New York

When I entered Empath Intuition University, I was exhausted mind, body and soul ~ and especially heart! Despite a good life and a loving family, I was short-tempered and unhappy, and I couldn't figure out why. 

The simple, profound practices that Aimée taught us brought peace, joy, and playfulness back into my life. It's wonderful to begin to feel like myself again! As the months pass, I continue to use and explore her teachings, and to tend the flame inside myself that was under such duress before. 

When I am regularly using these practices, I have more energy, my immune system seems to be healthier, my friendships are easier and more enriching, I am able to enjoy my beautiful children and partner, my creative juices flow more readily, my laughter comes more easily, and the world dances with color and light and feeling. And while I am connected to the world– I am still able to be myself.

In fact, the first two classes alone were worth the price of the course in my opinion, and I use those short exercises habitually now– often several times a day. 

Aimee's bright cheerfulness and relaxed welcoming of me exactly where I was allowed me to feel that I belonged in the group, that I had a home there. Her optimistic vulnerability set a tone of honesty and of believing in ourselves that was just what I needed to blossom. 

I am proud of my empathic strengths now and see them as abilities instead of liabilities. I feel connected to the other women in the group, to empaths past and future, and to all humanity– but not TOO connected– thanks, Aimée!  

- Bonny M, Washington​