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"When you said it was going to be easy I was like, 'Yeah right!' Then I started doing the practices you taught me and I realized you were SO right!

Working with you has been so life changing. I have learned so much about myself and how to live a sustainable life while being deeply empathic. Where I used to hold other's energy in my body causing physical pain and illness, I can now walk through this world with confidence that I can clear and assimilate what I choose to, on my own terms. I am no longer a victim to my empathic nature and I realize that this life does not need to be extra challenging because of this gift.

– Britt

Are you ready for the tools that will help you claim

and feel your empathic ability as the gift it is?

How many of you have been debilitated by hearing about the suffering of others?  Seized up in panic, or unable to function optimally in your own life because of something happening millions of miles away?

An on-demand program for those who want the tools to manage

their empathic sensibilities instead of it managing them.

It was the early 2000s when I discovered I was empathic.  I didn’t know there was a word for it at that time.  But once I discovered that I was actually constantly downloading the feelings, thoughts, and opinions of others around me, I also felt this internal knowing arise– that no matter what was going on in the world or people around me—it was VITAL that I be able to access my own thoughts and feelings.  I wanted to know who I WAS too!  I created these techniques for myself around 2003 so that I could live IN this beautiful, rich, and sometimes heartbreaking world WHILE being able to offer my best to it, instead of being kicked around by it or needing to hide.   I taught my first class for empaths a few years later.  In 2016 I founded my Empath Intuition University.  

Let me tell you something really important:  You need access to you.  To be effective in this world—to do what it is that YOU are here to do—you need to have access to your own thoughts feelings desires.  For an empath—this can be hard.  

Empath Core Tools comes with:

Recently I had a student ask me, “Is there ever a time where you feel you don’t need to use these core tools?  Like you are so on your game that you no longer need them?” 

To which I replied, “No. These tools are the practices that help me manage my empathic sensibilities (to be on my game!).  I’ve been using them for nearing 20 years—and I expect to use them for the rest of my life.”  I have students who studied with me seven-years ago that still send me emails or tell me on the street when they see me about how impactful these tools are in their life EVERY DAY.

Luckily, that’s what you’ve got here—lifetime, on-demand access to your Core Empathic Tools.  That means you can use it now, download whatever you would like from it, AND always come back to review it later whenever you need a refresher. 

Without tools and practices to manage your ability and sensitivity– everyone else’s energy is constantly in your space.  If one of those energies or emotions is particularly loud—it’s going to take over for you and be the loudest—like my student who was stymied by her husband’s anxiety.  

You need a way that you can hear yourself!  That you can remain connected to your own thoughts, feelings, sensations (even while in the midst of others) so that you can move down the road perfect for you—instead of being constantly overrun by everyone else’s ideas or notions of who you are, what is important, and what you should do.

Or maybe you’ve started to notice that the bulk of your life

is spent helping others solve their problems/suffering/challenges

—and that you will do so at the cost of yourself?

* 29 videos

* 32 pages worth of teaching documents detailing everything covered in the videos and more

* 2 audios guiding you through using these tools (one for beginners and one for when you get more adept at the tools)

* Homework and suggestions that will help you deeper lock in your understanding of these tools.

* A 17 page Workbook that will help you review/lock in your new knowledge and get the most of your class. 

* Workbook Answer Key

* “44 Signs Your Are An Empath” PDF download

* # of downloadable images to help you remember/use your tools

* Bonus audio “How To Tell If What You Feel Belongs To You”

I felt I needed to fix people all the time!

“I feel like I learned how to lasso my superpower.  I used to feel like it was more of a disability to be empathic.  I always felt drained by big emotional conversations.  I often felt overwhelmed by crowds.  I always picked up on other people’s energy and let it run right through me.  Now I understand that I can shield against that, create habits that support my empathic nature more fully, and clear energy that doesn’t belong to me.  These things are now critical to my well-being!  I also see that being empathic is not a disadvantage.  It’s a gift I’ve been given that I can use to help, heal, and uplift.  If I protect this gift I can use it to bless the world, my family, and my life.”

– Molly

Do you feel like you’re not even sure who YOU are because you are so thoroughly connected to the emotional experience and

well-being of those around you that you’ve somehow

you’ve lost yourself in the mix?

​I so remember my student, Ali.  One day she came to class and told us how she was sitting on her couch in her living room staring at her laptop.  She was trying to book a flight but she kept feeling this overwhelming fear and anxiety about traveling.  After doing her core empath tools, she made this monumental discovery: She didn’t have anxiety about traveling—her husband did.  For years, prior to being in relationship with him she had loved traveling and had done it often.  Her crippling anxiety about traveling wasn’t “new”; it didn’t belong to her at all!  Having the tools to clear her own energy and set a natural boundary for herself allowed her to get back in touch with something that was important for her—and make choices that enabled her to experience something that she did love—instead of wallowing at home in an anxiety that didn’t even belong to her. 

Last year I had a student tell me— “MY WHOLE LIFE I thought I hated the holidays!  Since I started using your core empath tools I suddenly realized (after 30+ years) that that wasn’t true at all!  I had just been awash with the stress of others at this time of year!  This is the first holiday season I’ve enjoyed!  All thanks to these tools!” 

It’s can be paralyzing. 

What is also true is that there is also a rich, beauty to the empathic sensibilities.  Empaths understand– viscerally in their own bodies—that we are all connected.  That the pain of another effects everyone.  And we want to help.  The problem is that when you are stuck in feeling everyone else’s energy all the time it is virtually impossible to move—to see where your action point is in all of it.

Here’s the deal– when you can’t stay connected to your own thoughts and feelings but are awash in the sensations of others—you can’t help—you ARE more powerless than ever because the emotions of others are debilitating you in a way that makes it impossible to live YOUR life— let alone understand if there is an action point that you can take to ameliorate the suffering you sense.

I promise you it doesn't have

to be this way!

I now know life doesn't have to be extra challenging because of my empathic nature!

psychic readings  +   intuition  & empath classes

for experiencing your best life  

*Psychic Guide *Author

*Intuition & empath teacher 

“When I first began working with Aimée I felt exhausted, stressed, and confused with life. I felt I needed to help fix people all the time. Aimée provided the support and guidance I needed to understand my true inner voice. I now have the ability to know how I feel, and not feel constantly burdened by the emotions of those around me. Even more, doing the practices that Aimée teaches put my anxiety completely in check. I am now able to be in the present moment with clarity, energy, and light. I now see being an empath as a gift, rather than a burden."

– Carly

I honestly can’t even count the number of times I’ve mentioned that as a common empathic characteristic and I’ve heard a sharp surprised inhale followed by a deep exhale and the words, “Oh my god—that is SO ME!”

 What happens for an empath is that we are awash in the feelings of the world.  If the people around us are having strong feelings—we feel those as though it is happening to us. We want to make it better.  For them (but also, for ourselves!  If they feel better so do we aren’t wallowing in it either!)  If thousands, or millions of people are feeling anguish—even if we are standing alone in our own living rooms we FEEL it.

 Without the tools to control our abilities we are sponges for the emotion of the world.

I learned to lasso my empathic superpower!

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