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What you what to know, and what Aimée is concerned with teaching you is how your intuition (and your psychic skills) can work for you practically speaking.  How you can access them, establish a relationship with your innate ways of knowing and receiving information and how you can allow them to do what they are designed to do— guide you to the best and most rewarding life possible for you.

Intuition leads you to experiences that you might have missed if you were stuck only in your logic mind.  It leads you to short cuts.  It leads you to open roads and opportunities to flourish.  It leads you to knowing and heart ease.  It leads you to perfect answers that you could have never dreamed up.  It leads you to husbands and wives, amazing jobs, fantastic friends, health and well-being, beautiful locations and magical moments.  In short, it leads you to all the best places.

 Aimée teaches the practices that will help you access your own intuition on a regular and reliable basis.  Through these techniques you’ll establish a relationship with your own inner knowing.  And through your own experience, you’ll learn about the kind of wonder and magic that trusting and relying upon that insight can bring.  All while you’ll be under the tutelage of a professional psychic guide, to whom you can ask questions at any time!  Not to mention you'll be connected with a group of others committed to their own intuition and ready to celebrate your successes too!

Do you want that?

Aimée wants you to have it too! 

Aimée has been a professional psychic for over 10 years.She developed this program because whether she is doing readings, or giving talks, she noticed that people crave access to and an understanding of their own intuitive knowing.  They feel they are intuitive (and they are) and yet they hold back on trusting this sense of theirs.  Because intuition often doesn't work so outwardly obviously as say– finding the right size screw to put in a hole– people often doubt it.  Or they don't quite get how it works or know if they can or should rely upon it.  And yet this is the sense that can lead you to your success more than any other.  

She created this program to teach others the practices that would allow their own intuitive knowing to flourish.  The same ones she uses in her own life.  In her Group Intuition University she teaches the formulas and techniques that she uses to experience grace, ease and access to inner knowing.

Because the truth is, you don't have to doubt your intuitive skills.  You can count on them!  Understanding them,  and acting on them will be in your benefit.  In this program Aimée will show you how to dial into yours and reap a lifetime of benefit from this knowing.

​Are you tired of not being able to trust your own intuition?

Are you looking for tools to make your own intuition a reliable source of power for you?

Would you like the guidance of an expert to speed this process up for you? 

We pack a lot into this program. In addition to practices that will help you naturally align and create a relationship with your own higher knowing that you can count on, you’ll learn ways to clear your energy, work with your guides (the benevolent ethereal beings that are there to guide you), recognize the internal guidance you are getting all of the time, and how to use a precise formula for getting real answers to the questions of your life. 

For each of us our intuition works a bit differently.  (That’s why Aimée developed her
private Intuition University program in the first place.)  So during your Group Intuition University you’ll also have two private sessions with Aimée (session one and session nine).  In these private sessions Aimée will help you recognize the ways in which your intuition is already working for you, and what innate psychic senses you are already using.  You’ll have a chance to define exactly how (where in your life) you want to amplify your own inner knowing.  As you go along the course Aimée will highlight any techniques that will work to enhance your particular gifts and you’ll get to know the practices that will help you regularly tap into your own Great Knowing.


Jennifer, Washington

Aimée is one of the most accurate psychics I know.  But unlike other psychics, Aimée never skips over the practical aspects.  Her readings and her courses focus on what you can do right now​  to get the outcomes you want.

What else you should know about this course

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12 MP3 recordings with the lessons and learning dialogue from each call

​Friends that you are likely to make by connecting with others who are committed to their own intuitive powers!

What you will learn

Course Structure and Specifics

Does this sound like you?

  • I crave a relationship with my own inner knowing.

  • I know I am intuitive but I have a hard time fully trusting my intuition.

  • For me it feels touch and go with my intuition; sometimes I really KNOW things, other times it feels like I just can’t get an intuitive pulse.  I want to know practices that can allow me to hear my own inner guidance more reliably.

  • I don’t know how to specifically use my intuition or psychic skills to answer my life’s questions and or to guide my life in positive directions, but I want to. 

  • I am ready to put my intuition to use in my life in practical ways.

  • I think that my intuition will guide me toward wonderful things but I have a hard time allowing it to lead me.  I never learned the importance of listening to and following intuitive direction, so I still struggle with actually putting this into practice.

  • I need guidance.  I’ve read some books, but I’m interested in having a real life guide who can give me examples, teach me the techniques that a seer uses to stay connected with her own internal knowing, and answer my questions on the process as they arise.

  • I want to know what steps, tools, and techniques a natural born seer uses to sharpen, stay in touch with, align, and access her own inner knowing.

  • I am ready to feel that I can rely upon my own internal knowing.


  • I am interested in meeting other intuitively inclined people!

  • My intuition is something I am ready and committed to developing.  I want the success and happiness that I know this will lead me toward—sign me up!

Specific knowledge about the tools you can use to heighten and understand your own intuition

 Access to an expert to whom you can ask specific questions about how your intuition may be stumping you and what to do about it

 Solid tools that work to give you access to your own intuitive knowing and guidance

 Knowledge about how to use your intuition to answer the practical questions of your life

 The ability to recognize when, where, and how your intuition is already working for you

 Deeper understanding of your own innate psychic skills and traits

 Connection with others who are likewise intuitively inclined

Aimée, you put words to experiences I've been having in such a solid practical manner! I so deeply appreciate your grounded perspective and persistence in constant practice– I have tools to build on for a lifetime.  Looking forward to incorporating all that you offered and more! Thank you so much for putting your classes out there!  

Aimée approaches intuition practically.  She rarely breaks it down into categories like the “psychic clairs:” clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, or claircognizance, because that’s not how intuition feels when it’s working.  When intuitive insight arises it doesn’t come with a blinking red light that says, “This is clairvoyance.”  In fact the name for whatever precise psychic skill you might be using at the time doesn’t even matter.  What matters is the knowing or awareness you receive.  What matters is how using it can guide your life positively.  Spending a lot of time looking for or wondering what precise psychic traits you are using makes you likely to miss the insights.  Aimée refers to this as trying too hard to find something that is innate and already working for you.  That’s why she doesn’t teach accessing your psychic knowing in that way.

Mary, Minnesota

Own Your Intuition  with Aimée

Join other intuitively inclined people in a six-month program that teaches you how to strengthen and enhance your own inner knowing and how to use it to get the practical answers to your life’s questions and challenges. 


We meet for six months, every other week via phone.

6:30-8:30 PM PST

The next Own Your Intuition class will start in October, 2019.

psychic readings  +   intuition  & empath classes

for experiencing your best life  

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*Intuition & empath teacher 

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​​What you will need to do?

  • Be on our calls.(We start on time.)
  • Learn:via phone calls, homework, and listening/sharing.
  • Have access to the bookGetting Answers: Using Your Intuition to Discover Your Best Life
  • Notice/practice:Your own practice and experience is what will help you understand and dial your own intuition.  Like anything, the more you practice your tools the better you get! And before too long these intuitive practices will become second nature for you.  
  • Document and celebrate victories: (via phone and the smart phone messaging app "What's App").
  • Articulate: by sharing your experiences with your fellow students during our phone calls.  This not only helps you lock in your own experiences but of course also benefits the group as we learn from each other.​​

Each session we will focus on a different practice that will enable you to establish a relationship with your Highest Knowing.  You will have “homework” to practice during the interim between our classes.  During our phone sessions we will spend time not only learning new techniques but also sharing our experiences of putting these tools into play.

There is a specific curriculum for this program.  

It’s not just about learning though.  It’s really about practicing

and then articulating what you have experienced.  Articulation is another way to get information and learning into your body. When you take the time to really notice what you experienced and then share it with others, you lock the learning in on a deeper level—you give it the attention that it needs to thrive and become second nature for you.  When you listen to others share their own experience, more understanding dawns for you. 

How the course works