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I understand the rarity of having a personal intuition and psychic guide teacher.  I want more than just general how-to-enhance-your-intuitition skills.  I want a program that is tailored precisely to me, in which I am able to thoroughly explore my own innate gifts and to put them into play in real time in ways that enhance my life as it is right now.  I are ready for empowerment on a HUGE and deeply personal level. I am ready to have full access to my own gifts and skills and feel the power of this starting now.

I have a hard time trusting my own intuition fully.  I want it to be a valuable and reliable resource for me and I want to know how to use it to get results.  I'm interested in understanding and practicing the tools that will help me gain and have regular access to my wisest knowing and Highest Self.  I'm ready to know how to use my intuition to get the answers I crave.  I'm also curious about tools like divination and working with my ethereal guides.  I think it would be fun to study these topics with a group of other intuitively minded individuals and have a professional psychic cheering me on for support!


I am not just aware of what other people feel, I feel the emotions of others run through my own body.  I am innately gifted this way but this gift often controls me, instead of me controlling it.  I am not sure how to create safe and healthy energetic boundaries so that I don't have to experience the nuances of whatever emotions are happening in my presence.  I want to be able to remain emotionally balanced and continue to have access to my own inner knowing even when I am surrounded by other's conflicting emotions. I am ready to understand the gifts that being empathic bestows and how I can use it to better serve me (and others) positively.

Access to your own innate knowing,

clarity on your own intuitive gifts (we all have them)

​and understanding on how to use them

​steers you toward your own happiness and fulfillment, always.

​​The goal of Intuition University is for you to come to know, experience, and trust the power of your own innate higher knowing, intuition, and psychic skills.  You do so with the help of an expert guide (Aimée) who helps you not only discover your gifts but also strengthen and enhance them so that they can do what they are designed to do: Guide you toward your own success and fulfillment your whole life long.

Do any of these sound like you? 

  • I feel like I don't have regular access to my own highest knowing but I want to.

  • I get intuitive urges but I doubt them.

  • I sense the potential in myself but I have a hard time living up to it or am not sure how to.

  • I have trouble accessing my intuition in one or two areas in my life.  In these spaces I feel confused, stuck, or like I lack the guidance of my own knowing.

  • I know I'm innately intuitive and I want to know how to leverage these gifts in ways that make significant positive impact in my own life (and others).

  • I want to know more specifically about what psychic skills I possess. 

  • I know I am empathic but I have no idea how to manage my abilities. I want to be in charge of them, so I know how NOT to get kicked around by the emotions of others that I come in contact with, and I can discern the difference between my energy and what I am picking up from elsewhere. I am ready to hear and know myself, even among the emotional cacophony of others.  And I'm ready to claim and exemplify the special ability to positively influence others that being empathic affords me.

  • I already understand the value of my intuitive/psychic skills in fact I even use them for a living AND I am ready to heighten them under the tutelage of an expert psychic guide so that it can empower my life (and help me serve others) in countless more ways.​ 

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