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 JUNE 25th, 2017


Transform your empathic ability

from a burden to a gift

In this full day workshop with psychic guide, Empath Intuition University founder and author Aimée Cartier you will learn all the essential tools for caring for your empathic nature: 

* How to clear your own energy

* How to create natural boundaries so that you don’t have to download everyone else’s emotions

*How to tell the difference between what is yours and what you are picking up from outside of yourself

*The most important rule to know when you are naturally porous

*2 extra practices especially crucial for empaths

*The highest service of the empathic nature

*And with all that you learn you'll come up with your own plan of action to implement in moments that are usually especially challenging for you as an empath



JULY 12, 2017


​Caring for Your Sensitive

Empathic Self

When you are empathic you feel other people’s emotions inside your own skin.  Talk about confusing!  In this talk Aimée Cartier teaches her basic toolkit for managing your ability so you aren’t constantly overwhelmed by other people’s business.  She discusses some of the particular essentials that these extra sensitive souls need to thrive and what she sees as the highest purpose of an empathic nature.  

This workshop is an introduction to the deeper work that Aimée does in her Empath Intuition University program.








This talk could also be titled, "How the Universe is speaking to you or how to get the answers that you are looking for!"

According to Aimée the Universe/God/Spirit wants you to be happy and in fact is giving you clues to point you in that direction all of the time.  As a professional intuitive and natural seer Aimée is an expert in reading those signs.  In this talk Aimée teaches a simple formula that can be used by anybody, anywhere, for getting the answers to the real and practical questions of life.  (Questions like, "How can I make more money?"  Or "What are my next steps?")

Through example and personal stories she shows the listener how to get answers, how to recognize the signs that Spirit provides in response to our questions, and how applying these messages leads us to a happier, more joyful life.



It is so common for fear to be a paralyzing factor in a person's life.  It prevents people from making good decisions all of the time. 

In this talk, Aimée addresses this often misunderstood natural human condition.

She teaches you how to understand it for what it truly is, a natural alert system, and how to tell the difference between the "good fear" that warns you of something dangerous, and the other fear, that prevents you from doing things that are actually in your best interest.

Shift your fear from a formidable foe to an ally by understanding it.  In this mini-workshop, Aimée will reveal common misconceptions concerning fear and give valuable tools, tips, and tricks for moving through it so that the next time you experience it, you're in charge.

Praise for Aimée

  • "Aimée brought her wisdom, grace, and humor to Genesis Global Spiritual Center and captivated the audience with intuition tools that will benefit our individual lives.  It was a joy to hear her personal stories along with her interaction with the audience.  We hope to have her back for her next book tour!"   –Cheryl Storrs, Welcome Team Manager, Genesis Global Spiritual Center

  • "Aimée shares the gift of intuition in a safe and good-humored fashion making it accessible to all.  Aimée's sincerity and generosity come through clearly whether she is leading a workshop or giving a personal reading.  My toughest event critic came out of one of her talks with two words, 'She's good!'"    –Steve Bonnell, Events Coordinator East West Bookshop Seattle

  • I was fortunate enough to spend a Saturday listening to Aimée Cartier speak about developing intuition.  I was spellbound!  She has such an easy, low key way to get her message out.  Very personable and real.  She gave excellent examples from her life on how her intuition works, which made it seem more possible in my life.  I left her talk feeling totally inspired and capable of using and deepening my own intuition.  She also validated what I already knew intuitively.  I will use her examples and my own personal examples with my clients.  Well done!  –Kim Boyden, M.A., CHt, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Possibility Strategist and Success Trainer​

  • “Listening to Ms. Cartier speak causes one to feel as if, just by listening, we might all gain the ability to source from a higher place.  She is clear, concise, but in this world of business professionalism, Aimee was able to carry forth her message not only intelligently but personally as well.”  Antonia Greene, M.Ed., LMHC, Psychotherapist

  • "Aimee was our first speaker for the day, and she set the tone beautifully. Her grace and humor both helped underscore the message she sent to the women in the audience: They can ask for what they want, and, if they listen, they may well get it. As part of a day of 'wellness,' this message was so important. Women need to know that the universe is there to support them, and Aimee's way of showing them that truth is gentle and strong at once." -Valerie Manusov, Hestia Retreat

  • Your talk was so clearly presented and visually detailed.  Hearing your own personal stories made me feel confident that you have done this many times and are sure of the outcome.  I trusted and respected your guidance.”   –Kristin Baron, Small Business Owner

  • “Aimée has an inviting and engaged style and is very clear and concise in her instruction.  Her passion for her material caused me to ponder the main points of her talk for days afterwards. I trust the information that comes through her and experience her as a clear and authentic channel for Spirit.”  –Kim Newall Four Winds Society Shamanic initiate and practitioner

  • “Aimée speaks from such a clear and centered place.  Her voice has the ring of honesty-- it was like listening to birds sing.” –Steven Shaun, Seattle gardener and poet 


  • “The fluidity, graciousness, and deep wisdom with which you lead is truly exquisite and artful.  You so obviously embody and live what you teach. Thank you!”  –Celeste Snouber, College Professor and Getting Answers Student

  • “Your love and belief in the highest good is very healing.” –Anonymous student evaluation

  • “I love how you so easily open up simple pathways to wholeness.” –Richard Comtois, Getting Answers Student 

  • “Thank you for sharing your gifts, for modeling, for your joyful self and for giving us tools to use in our own lives.” –Teresa Morani, Getting Answers Student

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