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Do I have a good feeling about Aimée and her work?

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"I like to say 'my Peeps talk to your Peeps'.  

A reading with me is your chance to get information from the benevolent beings that are helping to guide your life."                        

                                                                     - Aimée Cartier

How it works

Aimée is a psychic who specializes in helping her clients get the answers that will enable them to live their BEST life– one aligned with their own highest good and one guided in the direction that empowers their soul.  She is known for her clear, direct, and accurate insight as well as her compassionate and practical guidance. Her clients frequently report a feeling of ease in their choices, burdens, and experiences after a reading with her.  They also often express a sense of joy, a feeling of being seen and understood, and a connection with their own divine wisdom after a session with her.

Aimée starts every reading by asking that whatever be revealed be for her client's highest good.  That is her way of setting her radar so that she is only receiving information that it would benefit her client to know.

Although sometimes she uses oracle cards as a tuning device, most of her information comes through her psychic senses. She might see

things, hear things, feel things, or just simply know things about the situation.  With the help of her guides, the benevolent unseen beings that help her get answers and do her work, Aimée is able to discern the actions and choices that help her clients experience the best that life can offer them. 

Frequently, her readings also help her clients see the big picture of what is happening in their lives, so that they don't feel so bogged down by the details.

Do you….


  • Do you have something bothering you and need clarity?​​
  • ​Do you have a big decision to make and are having trouble knowing what is best?
  • ​Are you wondering what do do about your career?
  • Are you trying to heal, understand, or navigate a relationship issue?
  • Are you having a hard time deciding where to live or where to go to school?
  • ​Do you have something that has been bothering you for some time and feel ready to understand it better or put it to rest?
  • Are you feeling major or minor changes underway and want to know the best way to navigate for positive results?
  • Are you ready to understand what steps will best serve you and your life?
  • Do you feel ready to align with your highest good and make the choices that will allow you to live your best life?

​These are just some of the things Aimée's clients ask her about.

YES! I'd like to schedule a 30, 45, or 60 minute reading now!

 May all that is revealed be for your Highest Good. 

Psychic Readings with Aimée

Aimée is known for her clear and accurate insight, and her practical, compassionate guidance.    

People frequently come to her for a reading when they want clarity, understanding, and information on their next best steps in life– information that aligns with their own highest good and soul's interest.

She sets her psychic senses to only receive information it is in her client's highest good to know.