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“A psychic is someone who knows how to turn off those senses when they don’t need them.”  Because my psychic/intuitive senses are well developed, and I know how to turn them on and off I can relate to his definition.  

Are your readings as accurate by phone? 

Sometimes people have concerns over getting a reading by phone— but once they experience it they understand that I am just as present with them via phone as I am in person.  The information I receive is not localized, meaning it doesn’t come from a pinpointed place or object.  That means I can access it whether you are sitting in front of me or far away.  I have many clients I have never met face to face, and they attest that the information that I receive for them is very accurate. 

How did you learn to do readings?

Well, the short answer is, I'm just built this way. I didn't study at any school.  It took me into my adult life to understand my abilities, and get clear on how they worked for me.  But my professional career was kicked off after a phone conversation I had with the renowned psychic Sonia Choquette. When she said to me, "I don't know why you are not doing readings?" I suppose it was just the kick in the pants I needed to put myself out out there more boldly. I've been doing readings professionally ever since. 

Is there a difference between being a psychic and being an intuitive? 

To describe myself, I use them interchangeably.  However, I once heard a well-known psychic medium John Holland say, 

How do you do what you do?

People ask me this all the time.  To be honest, it is quite mysterious- even to me.  In short, when I am doing a reading people ask me questions and then one of many things can happen.  I might see images that explain the situation or the best course.  I might hear words.  I might feel in my body the emotions that are guiding the situation or what is wanting to or is being experienced.  Or the most mysterious of all, I might simply know the best course of action for my client. I'm just naturally built to pick up this information, like others are naturally built to do other work.

Do you know everything about me? 

No.  The information that I receive about you is generally related to the questions that you ask.  Sometimes my guides will give me other information if that will be of help to you. 

Will I hear something bad about my life?

I can not control what information is revealed, but I am very specific about setting my intention (or internal radar) at the start of every reading so that I only receive information it would benefit you to know. 

Why go to a psychic?

Many people come to a psychic when they are at a cross roads in their life and are having a hard time seeing clearly what their best course of action would be.  I’ve noticed that people also come to a psychic to receive information or guidance on questions that generally stump them in their life—or to understand themselves better from an outside perspective. Sometimes people are just curious, they think, "I wonder what she can tell me about me that it would be good for me to know?"

How do I know I can trust you (or any psychic)? 

Like anything else, you need to use your own intuition in that matter.  If you have a good feeling about me and my work, if you resonate with the things I’ve written, or the information on my website, then that is a good sign that I would be a good fit for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain what you mean by psychic?  Or intuitive?

Everyone has intuition.  It is a skill we are all born with.  Whether you realize it or not, or pay attention to it or not it is a gift that you have.  I like to describe the psychic or intuitive senses as those senses that are beyond the regular five senses.  Psychic or intuitive senses provide the information that lets you know someone behind you is looking at you, for example.  It’s the sense that tells you instantly whether you like someone or not. Like any other skill, some people are more naturally gifted in it.  When a musician hears a song, he hears the complicated beat pattern behind it, or he hears all of the different individual instruments that are blended together to make the song.  When a psychic or intuitive moves through life, she hears or senses very strongly the information that comes from beyond just the five senses.  That’s me.  In my life, I use this to help me discover the best decisions for myself.  In my work as an psychic, I use it to get other people the information they are looking for.