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Are you empathic?

That means you are highly sensitive to the emotional language around you – so sensitive that you feel other people's emotions in your own body, as if they were your own.

If so, you may:

  • Feel jerked around by everyone else's emotional states
  • Have a hard time keeping a clear head when other's are experiencing intense feelings near you
  • Feel extrememly drained by large crowds of people
  • Have a hard time figuring out what you really want when in the company of others
  • Give to others to the point of exhausting yourself

Sunday May 19th, 2019

10am- 6:00pm

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[Workshop Value: $960]

Workshop Price: $189

The practice that you gave me in your Empath Tools Workshop are so helpful! Even just the first exercise has made a HUGE difference in my life! Thank you so much for all that you offer.

–Anna J.

Psychic and Empath Intuition University founder, Aimée Cartier, specializes in helping empaths transform their ability from a burden to a gift.

Aimée is a gifted teacher.  Her work has helped me make so many positive shifts!

–Tami B-J.

This is life changing stuff!  Thank you!

–Britt N.

Plus you'll get to hear from other empaths who will totally GET you!

Join Aimée for a full day workshop where you will learn:

Good Karma Guarantee

Any empath can tell you that it can feel hard to be empathic–

at least before you know how to manage your abilities.

 * How to clear your own energy

* How to create natural boundaries so that you don't have to download everyone else's emotions

* How to tell the difference between what is yours and what you are picking up from outside of yourself

*The most important rule to know when you are naturally porous

*Extra practices especially helpful for empaths

*The Highest Service of the empathic nature​ 

*And, you will come up with your own plan of action (using the tools you have learned) to implement during moments that are typically challenging for you

Workshop Details & Price

Your payment holds your spot in the workshop and indicates that you will attend.

If for some reason you must cancel you may do so 48 hours in advance (by 9AM on May 17th), for a full refund.

Cancelations after 9AM on May 17th will not be refunded– as holding your place prevents another student from taking that spot.