• Six 1 ½ hour Zoom lessons with Q &A.  (These 9 hours of lessons will be recorded and available for re-watching.)

  • Six PDF documents detailing the practices you will learn (Around 80 pages of information!)

  • 4 guided audios for using your core intuitive tools

  • Guided partner work that will help you lock in your understanding of these tools by articulating it.


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Class 1: What is intuition?
What the heck is intuition?  How does it work?  What signature qualities does it have that enable you to recognize it?  How do you tell the difference between your intuition and fear-based “solutions” your mind comes up with?  These are all topics we will discuss in this class.  We’ll also bust some of the fears and myths that hold people back from trusting their inner knowing.  Having a realistic expectation of what it actually looks and feels like when your intuition is speaking to you goes a long way toward being able to recognize it and trust it.  In fact, knowing just the things we will discuss in this class, once saved a student’s life.

Class 2: Clearing Your Energy and Setting Your Boundary
I consider these two tools the in-breath and the out-breath of empath tools.  They are that important.  They not only help you clear your energy of other people’s business, and protect you from having to download and/or wallow in ALL of the feelings around you.  They also help you feel and hear yourself.  It may sound simple—but for an empathic person who is constantly picking up all of the feelings and emotions around them—these are vital tools that, sometimes for the very first time, allow them to sense their own emotions and feelings—without all the noise of the masses.  They specifically help those who find themselves constantly trying to solve everyone else’s problems and/or taking emotional responsibility for everyone else—usually at the cost of themselves.  They also help those who are debilitated by the pain and suffering in the world.  They help you get clear AND understand where your own action points for helping are. (Not sure, what an empath is?  Get my “44 Signs You Are An Empath” article.)  Of course, they also work for non-empathic people as well!

Class 3: Grounding
To be the most effective in our life on earth we must be both in our bodies and feel connected to the planet.  It is an absolutely vital practice because the earth is where we live and our bodies are the vehicles that we have to do our work while here!  We need to be in them! We need to be operating them!  We can benefit from experiencing our connection to the planet we live on.  People sometimes mention how we are all spiritual beings in human bodies – and while that is true, what is often overlooked is that we NEED these human bodies and we need to have a firm connection to them and the earth in order to be the most productive, happy, and effective while here.  Not to mention the enjoyment that comes from being in them!  They provide a window and a vehicle for some very divine experiences that can only be had on earth. There are many ways to accomplish this grounded connection to body and to earth—and many benefits of doing so.  In this class, we dive in. 

Class 4: Highest Self Connection
You have a wise knowing, what I call your Highest Self.  Everyone does.  She (or he) knows all.  She can help you.  She is a wise part of you that never leaves you, even if you haven’t felt her presence regularly or for some time.  Your Highest Self remembers things you sometimes forget; important things like what you are here on earth to learn and do.  She knows things about your life and how it is likely to unfold that you may have forgotten you ever knew.  She can also discern and recommend actions with the highest and best decision for you in mind, because she can see ahead of you and knows where you are going, both in minutes, tomorrows and years ahead.  She is completely above the pettiness of your human ego and the smallness of your mammal brain.  She also is also connected to and understands her relationship to Divine Benevolent Source.  You want to be in touch with this part of yourself.  In fact, you want to establish and create a relationship with her.  That’s what this class is all about.  A practice for getting in touch with her regularly—and a discovery, through your own experience, of the HUGE scope of what she is capable of helping you with.  Your wise self is the heart of your inner knowing. 

Class 5: Meditation
I honestly believe it’s unlikely there is a shaman or psychic alive that does not meditate.  One of my own mentors likened it once to plugging in your cell phone.  You wouldn’t expect your cell phone to work forever if you never plugged it in.  To work optimally, and to have access to all the goodness, power, clarity, understanding, equanimity, peace, and ease that is available to you—meditating is key.   It is a practice that is connected to a highly functioning intuition.  Don’t worry, I make it easy—many a student of mine have discovered and gracefully made their way into a life-long meditation practice—through the simple way I facilitate you stepping into this beneficial process. 

Class 6: Divination
Divination is a potent tool that seers have been using since the beginning of time to show insight, gather perspective quickly, or look into things with very little effort.  Using divination tools can be a helpful way of having a conversation with your own Highest Self and/or the Benevolent Divine.  They are valuable for getting information quickly or for helping you see what you might be missing.  In this class we will discuss various types of divination tools and how to use them.

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  • I doubt myself and the choices I make.

  • I’m not totally sure how to tell the difference between the good advice of my highest wisdom and just an idea in my head.

  • I feel as though I need solutions in my life but I’m not sure how to get clear on which ones are best for me.

  • I know I’m intuitive but I’m not always sure how to access this higher wisdom when I need it.

  • I’d like to strengthen my own intuition and know how to operate it because I have a sense that it would enhance my life.

Don’t worry, I’ve had students use these tools to dig themselves out of holes and move through moments in their life where they felt poorly about themselves, were going through big transitions, or knew they needed something different but weren’t sure what.  Trust me, your intuition is that powerful.  My students have used these core tools to do things like discover their life purpose and navigate giant life changes with grace.

Because here’s another secret about your intuition.  Despite what you may have heard, your intuition is practical.  It gives good solid advice, uniquely tailored to you and YOUR life.  Once you know how it works and learn practices for honing it and connecting to your highest wisdom—it’s easy to hear its guidance.  And just like it did for me—it becomes a no-brainer to listen to it.  YOUR EXPERIENCE shows you that it always steers you right and brings you goodness beyond even what your mind can imagine.

You see, you can continue to doubt your intuition and therefore continue to take some of those painful heartbreaking roads best avoided—or you can discover how your intuition works, and get the core intuitive tools that will give you access to your own inner knowing STAT.  That way, you get to avoid your own mistakes, and let my mistake be for you too— it’s the skip the pain and get to the goodness plan! 

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“My biggest take home message from my work with you, is that I have everything I need within me to flourish and lead a peaceful, healthy life.  I just need to tune in and listen. I now have such a better understanding and appreciation for my own intuition.  My life now feels like there is less fear and dread about making big (or small) decisions.  I feel more confident that I can handle things that come my way.” 

“I took your program 7 years ago and I still use these tools EVERY DAY.  I’ve done a lot of personal work.  I spent a good 5-7 years really diving into my own work and I’ve learned a ton and experienced a lot of different teachers.  Something that makes your programs unique is that the tools are simple, accessible, and really useful long-term.  I can say with certainty that your program has been the most impactful of all the personal work that I’ve done because of the way that it was focused on my relationship with myself and my trust in myself.  I’m a different human now, because of my study with you.  It’s been so positively impactful even those around me can feel it.” 

“I want access to my own inner knowing.  I want the practices that will allow me to connect to and be guided by my own innate wisdom—to discover and move forward on the path that is uniquely right for me.”

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We start May 11th.

We will meet via Zoom Wednesdays, 6:30-8PM PST.

Our last class is June 22nd.

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Did you know you were born with a completely intact inner knowing—that is designed to guide you your whole life long?  Did you know that it is uniquely tailored to YOU and designed to not only set you on the roads that are best for you but also help avoid the ones that are treacherous for you!?

You have this intuition already, but what if you don’t trust it?

Twenty years ago I was in that same place when I learned the lesson that changed the way I thought of my intuition forever.

 One day, in the parking lot of my work office building, a colleague introduced me to a guy who also happened to work part-time in the building.  I found him handsome and interesting.  He was clearly interested in me.  My intuition kept telling me to stay away from him.  I didn’t feel that he was dangerous—but every time I thought of him I would get this image of a 10-foot pole in my mind—like that’s how far I should keep him away from me.  I interpreted that this clearly meant out of dating range.  The short of it is, I didn’t know why my intuition was telling me this.  Though I looked (by secretly polling our mutual acquaintances) I couldn’t find a reason I should not date him.  So I eventually I overrode my intuition.  Cut to a year and a half later when I was standing in the yard we shared and a woman came down our driveway to tell me she had been dating my boyfriend while I had been out of town caring for my dying grandfather.  Talk about dramatic!  Obviously, this was heartbreaking to me.  But honestly, this thought kept running through my head over and over: “I could have avoided this!” If only I had listened to my intuition.

My inner knowing had clearly told me it was unwise to date him.  But I couldn’t find a reason.  I doubted my intuition.

That was the LAST time I knowingly did so.

As you can imagine that experience made an impact on me!  I didn’t come to know and rely upon my intuition because I thought it was cool.  (It is cool btw!).  I came to it because I discovered it was useful.  That my intuition was leading me, with very little effort down THE BEST ROADS and perhaps more importantly in this case—it was trying to help me skip the bumpy, treacherous, or just plain painful ones. 

I was in my 20s then.  I’ve been listening to it ever since.  In the process, I honed and dialed practices that worked for me to keep it sharp and to help me navigate my way forward with ease and grace.  Just like that simple 10-foot pole image had been trying to do for me all those years ago: easily and gracefully steer me away from a road best NOT taken! 

Those core intuitive practices are what I am going to teach you in this six lesson Core Intuitive Tools Program!  I’ve been teaching these tools in my intuition and empath programs since 2015.  The practices that make up this program are the ones that myself, and my students still use EVERY DAY to keep connected to our inner knowing.

I put a lot into my programs.  I am committed to serving others so that they can access their own innate knowing.  In order to accommodate different lifestyles I purposely endeavor to create programs at different price points.

Your payment holds your spot in this course and indicates that you will attend.

If for some reason you must cancel, you may do so up to 24 hours prior to the beginning of our class. (So before May 10th, at 6:30PM.)

Cancelations May 11th or later will NOT be refunded

regardless of your attendance.

Trust your own gut.  If you feel like this is your program, see that it can serve you, and are excited to work with me then– let's go!  I trust it is knowledge that will serve you a lifetime.