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​Hi. I’m Aimée Cartier. I know it looks like Amy, but it’s actually pronounced A-MAY, like the letter A and the month of May. As a friend of mine used to say, “It’s Franch you know!?” (Insert her fake French accent). Anyway, I’m a psychic, an author, an intuition teacher, a mother, and a wife, among other things. From time to time I dabble in stand-up comedy, just because I think it’s fun.  I love artistic and crafty things especially those that are vibrant with color, meaningful in words, and/or useful to boot. One of my favorite words ever is FLOURISH.

Aimée Cartier is a psychic, author, empath and intuition teacher known for her accurate insight, attention to practical details, and uplifting presence.

1. to blossom 2. To grow vigorously; succeed, thrive, prosper 3. To be at the peak of development, activity, influence, production 4. To make showy wavy motions 5. (v) To ornament with something flowery of fanciful.

I mean seriously.

That word also describes why I think intuition exists at all.  I believe it's an extra sense we all have– beyond the usual five– that is designed to help us flourish.

I delight in teaching others how to harness and use their own innate intuitive/psychic senses.  (They actually work a bit differently from person to person!)  I do so in my Intuition University Private Training AND through my Empath Intuition University programs. 

I love empaths.  I get them, because I am one.  I spent years learning how to manage my own empathic ability– transforming it from what felt like a burden into knowing it as the gift that it is.  I teach other empaths how to do the same!

Whether you are an empath checking out my programs, a "woman of influence" looking to up your game and service by honing your own innate intuitive knowing, someone interested in "Getting Answers" for yourself, or someone ready to book a reading with me I'm glad you stopped by.  I hope what you find here adds sparkle to your day and good ideas to your inspiration box.  



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