The vast majority of Aimée's readings are done over the phone.

If you happen to live on her island, you have the option of coming to see her in person in her studio.

Add another 15 minutes ($40)

Preparing for your reading

The clearer you are about what questions you have the clearer the responses that you receive will be.  In most cases people schedule readings because they have specific questions. (If that doesn't apply to you, don't worry. If you are getting a reading to get a general check in and to see what information and positive guidance your guides can offer, this is fine too.)

However, since this is your chance to get information from the benevolent beings that are helping to guide your life, it is helpful to think ahead of time about what you would like to know.  You never want to finish a reading and think, "I wish I would have asked about that." That is why it is generally better for you to prepare in advance and get clear on what information you are really looking for. Ask yourself what you are truly wanting to know and come to the reading with those questions or topics.

If you are not clear, Aimée will help you clarify this during the reading, but preparing in advance always benefits you.

Psychic Readings

Steps for booking a

psychic reading

1. Decide on the length of reading you would like.

2. Call (206) 567-0535 to schedule an appointment.

    OR if you are not on my mailing list: schedule here.

    If you are a repeat client or already on my mailing list         please go to the contact page to email me.

    (include your phone number & reading length)

3. Pay online (Paypal link) PRIOR to your reading.

4. Review (if possible) "Preparing for your reading" below.

​5. Call in at the appointed time.

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